It’s Official – Apple Special Event on Sept. 5th

Well, Apple has officially invited major press to a special event on September 5th. Already the speculation machine is getting out of control. Speculation ranges from the release of the rumored iPod Touch models, the release of The Beatles catalog on iTunes, all the way to Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple, Inc. The […]

Sandisk Releases iPod Shuffle Killer

It’s not often that I see a device that I would call a “killer” of an Apple product…but I do think this new player from Sandisk might just claim that title for a few reasons. 1) It has an FM Receiver (which is great if you like listening to the radio, or if you want […]

Buying Wal-Mart DRM-Free MP3s on your Mac – A Review

So, today Wal-Mart announced a couple of shockers. 1) They are selling MP3s – completely DRM-Free – from both EMI and Universal Music. 2) They’re encoded at 256Kbps. 3) They’re only $0.94 cents a song, or $9.22 an album. So, these higher quality, cheaper songs, will play on any player, including your iPod – so […]

Apple Gazette Daily Ep 92 – 3 Billion iTunes Tracks, iPhone Batteries, and iPod Touch Rumors

3 Billion iTunes tracks sold, Janky iPhone battery replacement available, and iPod Touch rumor discussed You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should be able to play every episode of the podcast directly in your browser by using the […]

RUMOR w/ Video: 6G iPod UI revealed?

So there is a new rumor about the 6G iPod…and this time there is video backing it up. If this IS true, then the next iPod WILL NOT be a full screen, iPhone like device. It will keep the same 4×3 screen, and the clickwheel will live on. This actually makes a lot of sense […]

Sims Bowling Now in iTunes

The iPod Games section of iTunes continues to expand. Today EA has added Sims Bowling to the mix. In the game you create your own Sim, including customized bowling gear, and compete with other Sims at the bowling lanes for the sake of becoming the most popular Sim at the bowling alley. So far the […]