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Bainwave offers “Power Napping” Software to students for $9.95

Brainwave has announced that they are making their revolutionary power napping software – pzizz available to students for only $9.95.

“Students are under huge strain when studying, and can benefit enormously from taking regular power naps during the day,” says Edward Laing, CEO of Brainwave Enterprises and owner of pzizz. “By offering pzizz at such a low price we hope to make it easier for them to choose a healthier way to stay energized than caffeine, candy, or soda.”

From the Official Site:

pzizz uses a complex mathematical formula, or ‘algorithm’, based on structured random selection. This means that although the processor follows a certain path ensuring a full experience each time, the data it selects and subsequently delivers along the route is selected in a random manner making each nap different to a period of time you determine.

Simply put, every time you press “play”, pzizz will mix a new nap for you while you listen, so that you never hear exactly the same thing twice!

Pzizz seems like an interesting product – if it works.  Maybe we’ll get a chance to review it in the near future.  I think we could all use more energy…and less caffeine…


[Link Via: Mac Minute]

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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One thought on “Bainwave offers “Power Napping” Software to students for $9.95

  1. I received a free Pzizz license by voting in the My Dream App competition. Frankly, the new-age space music it produced kept me up rather than put me to sleep. And the tremendously loud, toneless beep that sounds at the end of the nap period is still ringing in my ears.

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