iPod Quick Tip – Change your Songs Rating on your iPod

Have you ever wanted to change the rating of your song while it was on your iPod? Well, it’s easy enough to do.

Simply press the select button (that button in the middle of the clickwheel) twice. Then use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease your song rating. BOOM – your song rating is changed!

Plus, the next time you sync your iPod with iTunes, that new rating for your song will be carried over.



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  1. yo, love the site. i always read and listen to the daily podcast. but i gotta say, this was definitly not worth “ipod quicktip” status. people who have ipods and dont know this, have got to be totally…. really weird. anyway. sorry my first post to your site isnt a positive one. but i am here lurking always and am happy to read what you post. its good stuff.

    xsismx (exsism)

  2. thats cool, although sometimes my song that i have rated on my ipod do not carry over to itunes? i wonder why.