iPod Users Likely To Buy Zunes

Survey says that a majority of people who currently own iPods are also likely to buy Microsoft Zunes in the near future. One of the inferences done from the study was that iPod users are not as passionate about their music players as Mac users are their computers.

Some 58% of current iPod owners who are planning to buy a new digital media device in the next 12 months are “likely” to choose Microsoft’s Zune, according to a survey published by ABI Research. The research firm conducted its survey on the Web, asking 1725 adults (18+) if they were considering buying a new music player. 58% of current iPod owners, and 59% of owners of other digital media devices, all said that they were likely to choose Microsoft’s Zune player.

The survey also found that only 15% of iPod owners said they were “not very likely” or “not at all likely” to choose Zune.

“Our conclusion,” says principal analyst Steve Wilson in a statement, “is that iPod users don’t display the same passionate loyalty to iPods that Macintosh users have historically shown for their Apple products.”

As I see it, iPod users are not necessarily ditching the platform, but are just expressing the possibility that they might acquire the Zune as a compliment to their existing music player. However, I see one issue here, and that’s migrating a user’s playlist to another platform. Without DRM hacking, that would be a bit difficult (techically, and perhaps legally).

[via iPod Observer]

Kokou Adzo

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  1. The only people I don’t see buying a Zune are people who use Macs quite regularly. I’d like to get a Zune, but I’m in the process of switching to using the Mac as my main computer. Unless Microsoft releases a Mac version of their Zune Marketplace software, I won’t be buying a Zune.

  2. Sorry, but this story is lame; it’s been on the web in various places for over a week, and is obviously a Microsoft shill piece anyway. No story here, move on…

  3. You notice the survey didn’t say what percentage of the people they talked to are “current iPod owners who are planning to buy a new digital media device in the next 12 months”. If that’s 1% (obviously more, but I’m making a point), then that’s only 0.58% of iPod users who are planning on buying a Zune. If it’s 50%, then 29% are planning on getting a Zune. Considering they didn’t specify, I suspect that particlar number would negate the impression they’re trying to give.