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Apple Planning To Make an iTV?

Apple may be cooking up something that will potentially add to their list of must-have products. According to Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, Apple is currently communicating with various component suppliers and this is leading to speculation that the much rumored Apple-branded television set is going to be released this year. Munster’s information…

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Apple Releases 802.11n Update

Apple released the much discussed 802.11n software update today in the Apple store for the price of $1.99 with no fanfare.  You may recall that the price was original rumored to be $4.99, but when Apple made the official announcement it was at the reduced cost of $1.99 after lots of grumbling within the Apple…

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New Wireless Keyboards in 3-5 Weeks?

I have to admit to being fairly impressed with the new designs of the iMac, and while pretty much everything mentioned was available right after the town hall meeting, the wireless keyboard isn’t ready yet. The online Apple Store is showing wait times of 3-5 weeks for the lighter, fancier Bluetooth keyboard. Do we complain…

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