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New Wireless Keyboards in 3-5 Weeks?

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I have to admit to being fairly impressed with the new designs of the iMac, and while pretty much everything mentioned was available right after the town hall meeting, the wireless keyboard isn’t ready yet. The online Apple Store is showing wait times of 3-5 weeks for the lighter, fancier Bluetooth keyboard.

Do we complain when it looks so good, or just bite the bullet and wait? I, for one, am annoyed that Steve wouldn’t make sure everything mentioned in his presentation was ready to be shipped out the door immediately.

Sidenote: Also, what’s with dropping the number pad? I use it way too often on my desktop to not have it. I know they wanted to drop some weight from the device, and I have worked around it on my MacBook Pro, but it is still strange to not have it there.



12 thoughts on “New Wireless Keyboards in 3-5 Weeks?

  1. Yeh, this is s deal breaker for me. I just don’t know what to do. I have a BT keyboard and Mighy Mouse. I just broke my MM a few weeks ago. I was waiting to see what Apple was going to do with the new keyboards before I picked up a new mouse.
    It’s unlike them to release the wired/wireless version at the same time. I’m not liking thh slimmed down version that they are offering as a BT keyboard. So I’m locked into buying the wired version. So what’s the point of having a BT mouse if you have a wired keyboard? Sorta defeats the purpose.
    Also, I am saving up for a Mac Pro. I was hoping to have the money in time for it to ship with Leopard. (Save myself $129) Now, does anyone know if the Mac Pro’s are shipping with the new keyboard too?

  2. Oh boy, time to admit something…. Yes, I use a PC desktop besides my MacBook that I’m using to type this comment. Well, I don’t know what your right hand and arm feels like if you use the a right-handed mouse for too long some days. It just hurts. So I was thinking of getting a keypad and placing it on the left so the mouse is closer to the keyboard. Has anybody else thought along these lines?

  3. re: missing number pad
    I believe Steve said something about people wanting a smaller wireless keyboard — that they use it on their laps watching TV … and that smaller was better. (Personally, I _don’t_ use my bluetooth keyboard at the TV).

  4. Yea they did it because they wanted smaller more portable laptops, I think it sucks for people like me who use their wireless keyboard just on their desk. I don’t like having to deal with wires. But I will be picking up one of these bad boys for my PS3 going to be really handy.

  5. White remote, keyboard keys and mouse? But black screen surround, backing and logo? Not so nice. Would have preferred either the logo below the screen to have been white (less in your face), but definitely would have liked a black remote. keyboard keys and mouse to match the black on the iMac. Would have looked more upmarket too…

  6. I don’t know – may be they are judging the response from people so that they attach a macbookpro style touch pad along with the keyboard so that you can use it with your mac/ps3 connected to your large screen tv, without having another appendage running loose when you are on the couch – lucky for me i have my bald head to run the damn mouse on .. why is it so painful to add a trackpad to the keyboard ? I hate multiple gizmos one on the lap one on the side one using the foot etc.

    Time will tell -then again, Steve might have some other machination in the works. This might also be used to interact with Apple TV … :))))

    If they put safari alone on that beast, Steve is getting more of my bank balance, for sure.

  7. I must say the fact that it do not have numerical keypad could make me buy it instead of the wired version I first imagined to buy.

    I hardly ever use the numerical keypad for power typing lots of numbers. The normal number keys will just fine. And a narrower keyboard is what I actually have wished for for a very long time.

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