Gizmodo GUARANTEES iPhone Announcement on Monday

From Gizmodo:

I guarantee it. It isn’t what I expected at all. And I’ve already said too much.

Is this true?


If so, is it a good movie on Apple’s part?

I don’t know…maybe.

The busiest shopping days of the year are the week before Christmas. Thousands…if not hundreds of thousands of cell phones will be sold next week…but Apple’s iPhone announcement could put a stopper in that…I know I’ll hold off…

but other than that…WHY would they do this right now?

Three words: Falling Stock Prices.

I can’t wait for Monday.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I tell you one thing. If this puppy does come out before the holidays, I am so going to rev my software ( ) to allow people to find and buy this SOB. I know I personally have been holding off on a (new) cell phone purchase b/c of the Apple rumors.

    Time to warm up that Visa?

  2. Joshua –

    Nobody has said anything about it being released…just announced…and yes, I think when rumors of a delay of a product that you haven’t announced makes your stock drop, then it’s probably a good idea to announce the product before your stock holders get nervous.

  3. Falling stock prices? You think that’s why Apple would release a product sooner than they otherwise would? Psh.

  4. (insert sarcastic grin here) ja ja ja!
    If that’s true, then all of you can slap my face. Remember, there’s no FCC clearing here…