Apple drops iPod Shuffle Price, introduces Xsan 2

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This morning Apple announced a new price drop for the iPod shuffle as well as a new version of Xsan. So far every Tuesday in 2008 has seen at least some minor update from Apple, but most have seen either a new hardware or software release. Due to low inventory levels and long standing rumors many were hoping for updated Macbook Pros to be announced today, but alas – it was not to be.

The iPod Shuffle price has dropped by $30 for the 1 Gb model which now clocks in at $49, while also introducing a new 2 Gb model for $69. Available colors remain the same.

Xsan 2 is the “the first major upgrade to its easy to use, high performance, enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac OS(R) X. Combining enhanced performance with Apple’s legendary ease of use, Xsan 2 makes it easier for first time users to set up and quickly deploy a SAN; introduces MultiSAN, allowing users on a single workstation to access multiple SANs at the same time; is fully integrated with Mac OS X Leopard(TM) and Mac OS X Server Leopard and is now qualified to work with third-party RAID storage.”

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