Here’s How to Use the Full 48MP iPhone 15 Camera

Introduction The iPhone 15 has revolutionized mobile photography with its impressive 48MP camera. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, understanding how to harness the full potential of this camera can significantly enhance your photographic experience. Understanding the 48MP Camera The 48MP camera in the iPhone 15 offers unprecedented image resolution and clarity. This high…

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A Big Change to iPhone Messages Next Year: Bridging the Gap Between iOS and Android

Introduction In the world of mobile communications, few things have remained as consistently relevant and innovative as Apple’s iPhone. Since its inception, the iPhone has not only revolutionized the way we think about smartphones but also how we communicate with each other. Particularly, Apple’s messaging platform, iMessage, has become a staple for seamless, secure, and…

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person using silver Android smartphone

iPhone Meet Kelley Blue Book

The “” application is free for car buyers’ mobile phones and can now determine the value of any vehicle on Joe’s Used Car Lot or anywhere! Kelley Blue Book’s official application for the iPhone is easier to use than their website, because the “” App determines the user’s location without even requiring a zip…

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How Does Face ID Work?

Apple’s new Face ID technology appears only in the flagship iPhone X. This replaces Touch ID on that device, instead unlocking the phone via facial recognition. This has sparked some concern with users who have grown used to the speed and reliability of Touch ID and seen similar face recognition technologies fail, as well as…

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person holding black android smartphone

The $2,517,345 iPhone

We’ve seen some expensive “luxury” Apple products in the past – but today’s takes the crown as the most expensive, and most ridiculous Apple mod ever. Our friends over at BuyMeAniPhone uncovered this little “gem”. It’s from Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, who dubbed it the “iPhone 3G Kings Button”. The device is made of solid…

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