RUMOR w/ Video: 6G iPod UI revealed?

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So there is a new rumor about the 6G iPod…and this time there is video backing it up. If this IS true, then the next iPod WILL NOT be a full screen, iPhone like device. It will keep the same 4×3 screen, and the clickwheel will live on.

This actually makes a lot of sense in keeping the iPhone and iPod markets seperate.

Not only is there video (which some people has pointed out, has some flaws…like the fact that the second hands on the clocks don’t match up), but Macrumors has even been asked by Apple’s legal department to remove the video.

If there isn’t any legitimacy to this, then why does Apple’s legal team care?

If this is the new UI for the next iPod…what do you think? Like it? Hate it? Indifferent?

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11 thoughts on “RUMOR w/ Video: 6G iPod UI revealed?

  1. It definitely looks very cool, and easy-to-use. That is, if it’s not total bunk. Even if this doesn’t happen, I still like the current iPod interface.

  2. Maybe this is just a “proof-of-concept” made intentionally with bogus graphics but a working interface???

    I can’t see any other reason why Apple would pull it…

    I don’t see how you can tell this is going to be a 4:3 clickwheel format in the video. I know it appears that way in the video, but without seeing the iPod itself, like the interface featured in the video–it’s all just speculation, right?

  3. @Bryan

    Yes it is speculation, but the video is 4×3, so one would assume that anything running this exact UI in a 4×3 mode would be doing so on a 4×3 screen.

  4. If this is the new UI then I’m realy disappointed from Apple look’s like the old ipod software reloaded.I’m a big fan of ipod and apple…but I realy get pissed of when someone pull’s out an Mp3 player that has more Extras than my 80 gig ipod..wich I had to pay 349$ for it.Hope they do better than this when the new G6 ipod’s come out.

  5. ‘scume… WHAT?? Feel free to enlighten us as to WHICH MP3 player out there has MORE FEATURES than your iPod and costs less… please, do me the favor, since I just LOVE these nameless, proofless blabberings.

    Lemme guess. Can’t remember the name? But hey, it ALSO could tie your shoe’s for ya, right??!

    Pffff… mindless BSing.

  6. Don’t take it so personaly… This is only my opinion from the milions of Apple Users.About the Player was Sony the model.. was.. my point was that the software need a bit upgrade.It’s basiclly the same as the ipod G1 but with color UI and Video play back opition and a few minor details.So chill out and drink a cold beer on me 😉

  7. Stupid fake: Have you seen the watch settings? They all show 4:55 on the watch but in the text you see 5:55.

  8. I am holding out on my first iPod purchase because I’m way more into movies than music. I really need a portable movie player, and I was hoping the 6G would be just that. It makes sense to differentiate iPod from iPhone by giving the first a hell of a lot more disk space (a real disk, no flash) and perhaps a bigger battery to allow longer movie playback. Reserving the cool multi-touch interface for iPhone would seriously limit the appeal of any new iPod. Steve said it himself, the iPhone has the best iPod they’ve ever made. It’s in Apples interest to keep their bestselling MP3 player line appealing by giving it the same options.
    And clearly, the iPhone has a lot more to offer than just the widescreen-coverflow-iPod thingy, so there’s no need to keep that goodness iPhone-only.

    Oh, on the movie: it better be fake, because it’s nothing really new. Luckily there’s more than enough things done wrong in it (clock moves smooth, doesn’t tick – clock shows wrong time – Beatles album is said to have wrong tracks on it) to make me hope that it’s a fake. Apple legal has not really pulled it, all MacRumors has said was ‘Removed per request from Apple legal’. This could mean they simply asked for a favor. Some MR forum guy said that if MR didn’t delete the files, they would be left out of the loop for future happenings/press releases/etc. It could have been Apple legal asking for a fover, but not forcing MacRumors. This makes sense since there are still the YouTube videos, that haven’t been pulled yet.

  9. If it’s a fake, it’s a convincing one. While I can say that I am a shade tired of the existing interface, it STILL works incredibly well. I’m not in favor of change for the sake of change.

  10. I believe it to be fake but just for the hell of it, it could be the interface for the rumored iPhone nano as from the patents it has a clickwheel.

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