IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “TweetDeck For iPhone”

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“TweetDeck” is a free Twitter application for the iPhone. It allows for five or six of a user’s Friends’ most recent Tweets to be viewed and it easily allows the user to upload a Tweet of their own. This, in and of itself, is terribly convenient. is a social networking site devoted to short messages, or updates by its users. There is a limit on what can be written, like a text message, and users are only allowed to upload a short biography and one web site link to their profile.

People can choose to “follow” a person, meaning they will see their updates, or Tweets, when they are written, and the person being followed can choose to follow anyone they find interesting. “TweetDeck” allows for fairly easy use of the search function to find potential persons to Tweet with and follow.

Where “TweetDeck” fails is to have an easily navigated customization of its columns. One can spend all day and still not figure out how to mark Tweets that have been seen, so that they go away. The columns of Tweets and messages will stay there, but one can set the refresh rate so that the new Tweets will keep hitting the “TweetDeck” every few seconds!

Grade: B-