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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Trapster” Application

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“There is a police checkpoint up ahead, baby!” shouts the voice of Austin Powers. The free App “Trapster” turns any iPhone into a GPS police locater. Keep an eye on speed traps, red light camera’s, speed camera’s and police checkpoints, before they get more than an eye on you!

The must have application is available on the “Trapster” web site,, or in the App store. Once an email is verified on their web site, the App is up and running.

Click on the App and set up a custom voice, like a “sultry female” or “Arnold,” to tell you when you get within .5 miles of a police car. You can customize the program to vibrate or make noise, you can check traffic in real time, or log a trip with the flick of a thumb.

Once the App is running, a GPS map shows any police, or camera activity as far as one wants to track. “Trapster” automatically determines where you are, and aside from satellite it depends on users to locate and report police with a thumb click on the iPhone’s screen. The police shown are color coded to display reliable sightings, with many reports confirming the sighting, semi-reliable, with a confirmation, and unverified reports.

See a cop, click the screen, and help numerous drivers avoid the unavoidable speed traps!

Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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