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Smithsonian Networks has crafted an amazing array of fascinating, family-friendly and free TV? Are we talking about a Discovery Channel meets Smithsonian Institute explosive App that is made for the iPhone’s gorgeous screen? We are!

The “Smithsonian Channel” application is the iPhone’s free TV channel, complete with show listings and full episodes of outstanding and educational entertainment, like the “Street Monkeys: Girl Gangs” episode. Perhaps “The Real Story” show of the real instance of “Silence of the Lambs” is more up the viewer’s alley, or perhaps the “Carrier at War: USS Enterprise” show on the mighty aircraft carrier.

The “Smithsonian Channel” App is one of those rare providers of full TV shows, not clips, but the whole “A Woman Among Wolves” (scary!) in its entirety. Animal and nature enthusiasts will revel in the whale song, as war veterans, hobbyists and aficionados will fly over the hostile waters of foreign territory on daring missions.

The intuitive “Smithsonian Channel” App provides a beautiful knowledge sharing TV show archive where television episodes and their scheduling is readily available, as is the fully visible videos of shows. The App is organized well so that the bored peruser with a hankering for portable TV can quickly sift through the Episodes, Popular and Recent sections of the “Smithsonian Channel” App’s videos. The Episode guide provides screenshots, the season specifics of the show and a summary of the “Zoo Vets” program.

Take the lunch break to a new height in educational entertainment, as the whales splash everything but the work desk! Get it here [iTunes link]!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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