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Across cities worldwide, on the bustling corner of Wall Street, inside the myriad baseball and soccer stadiums and on the walls of numerous campus libraries are digital signs that display blurbs containing every sort of news. Display your own news blurbs with the iPhone and the free “Blurb” application!

How many times have the lighters been waved in the darkness of a slow tune or before the encore at a music concert? Now the technological age of the 21st century has the rockin’ fans wielding cell phones instead, as every kid from the age of two and up has a phone. Everyone does it, so who stands out?

Wave a customized message of the user’s choosing with the “Blurb” App, as though the iPhone were a ticker signboard stolen from Times Square. This unique application is incredibly simple and powerful: just type in a message and watch it scroll across the touchscreen.

The “Blurb” App gives the user a choice as to how fast the words flash by or crawl by on the screen, and there a good range of different colors to choose from to stand out with a personal flourish.

Ever know that what a student proposed to his professor was totally untrue? Just hold up the iPhone with the blurb “False Information” on it to get the point across and make the professor laugh, as everyone behind your sign remains clueless to what is going on. The “Blurb” App even adjusts the message according to how the user holds the iPhone, vertically or horizontally, just like the text messaging function.

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