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Inside Apple HQ

Insiders call it the Mothership. It’s Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California, and to Apple fans, it’s a place thought of with romance and wonder. Only the privileged elect have ever been deep within its most secretive recesses, but after an extensive search, I turned up 30 70 156 pictures Inside Apple HQ that Apple probably…

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Steve Jobs’ 7 Best Keynotes

If Steve Jobs was a maestro, the keynote speech was his symphony. No one in the world could deliver what was basically a glorified powerpoint presentation with the commanding presence that Jobs possessed. He was smart, relaxed, focused, and best of all, entertaining. Here are his 7 best and most memorable keynote presentations.

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Company CEO with an iPhone

9 Out of 10 CEOs of Successful Businesses Prefer iPhone: 10 Reasons Why

The internet is full of photos of founders of successfully funded startups and CEOs of established businesses. The majority of these executives are seen clutching an iPhone. This iDevice is popular among successful individuals; thus, Apple rarely needs sponsorship from people in business or endorsement from celebrities because of its own goodness. Actually, it’s believed…

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How to Create an iOS App

According to Apple’s most current estimates, there are over 20 million registered developers on iOS, albeit they are not “active” developers. More reasonable estimates have the number of active Objective-C developers at 1.6 million and Swift developers at 2.1 million, the two leading languages for iOS development. Is there space in the market for additional…

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