6 Best Lighting Kits When You Use Your iPhone for Vlogging

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Having a successful video blog is contingent on several factors. You need engaging content that your target audience enjoys. You need a way to connect with your target audience. You need good equipment to ensure high quality video. You need to learn video editing. And the most important part is that you need good lighting. While many people think that it’s necessary to have a lot of expensive equipment, modern technology has made it so that you can create stunning, high-quality videos with an iPhone. The key is to use either natural light or an effective lighting setup.

Here are the best lighting options for creating stunning video blogs with your iPhone:

  1. Lume Cube Ring Light

Ring lights are some of the simplest and best lighting options for video blogs. They direct all the light at your face to ensure there are no deep shadows and to improve the video quality. Better lighting means that your video blogs won’t have that grainy look and that people can better see you talk and express yourself on video. The Lume Cube Ring Light has the added benefit of being cordless. This means that you can set up your blog videos in any spot that’s convenient for you instead of needing to work around where a plug is located. Plus, with a large 18-inch diameter, you can keep the light close or farther away.

  1. GVM Great Video Maker LED Ring Light

While most ring lights are circular in shape, this unique ring light is a rectangular shape instead. Don’t let this fool you. It has a mount for your iPhone and handles that even allow you to take well-lit food and product photos as well. The GVM Great Video Maker LED Ring Light also comes with filters so you can create warmer or cooler lighting.

  1. Auxiwa iPhone Ring Light

Instead of a large light that requires a lighting stand, this little light packs a lot of power for its tiny size. This ring is small, and clips directly to your iPhone. This makes it easy to take on the go, it fits in a purse or messenger bag, and can be used in any lighting situation. You’ll always have great light on your face when you use the Auxiwa iPhone Ring Light.

  1. Ubeesize 10” Selfie Ring Light

Create the perfect makeup tutorials and more with this ring light kit that includes an extendable tripod. The Ubeesize is a 10” ring that is perfect for small spaces. This smaller light ensures you can put your best face forward when you’re building your business and sharing your stories online. It comes equipped with a USB plug and a remote to adjust the lighting without leaning forward. This feature is especially helpful when you’re doing livestream videos.

  1. Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit

When you need better lighting than a ring light can provide, try the Bescor Photon LED 2-Light kit. While ring lights and selfie lights provide amazing floodlighting on the face, sometimes you need a more dynamic lighting option. This lighting kit requires access to traditional plugs, so they wouldn’t be great for lighting on the go. But when you have a home setup, it can create dramatic lighting for your face, hair, and to flood the background with light as well. It includes a variety of color temperatures that makes it easy to adjust the color for your setting.

  1. ikan Lyra 1×1 Light Kit

Another excellent lighting kit is the ikan Lyra. This kit comes equipped with everything you need to create a 3-point lighting setup. It comes with power cords, a remote controller, lighting stands, battery plates, and more. Each of the 3 lights even has its own yoke mount. You’ll have to purchase a stand for your iPhone separately, but the lighting quality of this rig is perfect for making cooking videos, how-to videos, and so much more.

Finding the best video lighting kits for your iPhone video blog takes some time. Think through where you film your vlogs the most. If you’re constantly on the go, then a setup with lots of cords, stands, and needing a power supply might not be the best option. In that case, you can choose a rechargeable setup like the Lumecube Ring Light.

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