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The Mars Odyssey has been exploring the red planet for 3129 Days, 05 Hours, 57 Minutes, 28 Seconds…30 seconds…32 seconds. On the “NASA” App, one can easily view an in-depth description of the orbiter that is part of a “long-term effort of robotic exploration.”

In the free “NASA” application, the NASA program powers an iPhone-sized look into all of the United State’s space missions. View images of the Mars surface from the App, or peruse the translucent rings of Saturn and the icy satellites of the Milky Way planets.

Fly on the Space Shuttle section, as “the most complex machine ever built… [was] instrumental in building the International Space Station” beams down to the mobile phone screen in high quality video, streaming from NASA. There are also news updates, links and emails to contact NASA, as if gray-faced googly-eyed aliens have landed.

The “NASA” App is a gorgeous display providing intriguing, concise and comprehensive information regarding the massive space force that is NASA. It might not be Star Wars, but the “Force is with” this one!

Grade: A

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