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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “NPR News” App for iPhone

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The full arsenal of “NPR News” is in the application for the iPhone. This App is jam packed like no other! Any fan of the objective media outlet that “NPR News” provides on its radio broadcast and web site can rejoice, because NPR is now fully portable.

The free application for “NPR News” should cost money with all that is given to the iPhone. Upon opening this App “Top Stories” appear en masse (dozens of them) and with a quick click up top “More Stories” or the “Newscast” can be accessed easily.

At the bottom of the App there are options to go to the NPR “Programs” where everything is laid out before you, from the shows currently on air, like “All Things Considered,” to the fan favorites, like “Car Talk,” and everything in between. Each program that airs is offered up to access.

Also along the bottom of the screen is a “Stations” grouping where one can go through and pull up the radio broadcast by state from Alabama to Wyoming, in alphabetical order. The “NPR News” application lays NPR bare! You can even select your own “Playlists.” This App is quite appetizing.

Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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