Limited Edition Steve Jobs Plush Sold Out

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As a writer here on Apple Gazette, I take it as my personal responsibility to get you – the readers – the latest and greatest Apple products as they hit the market. Today, I have realized, that I failed you.

That’s because PodBrix, makers of some of my favorite Lego-inspired toys, has produced a plush version of everyone’s favorite CEO, Steve Jobs. But alas, you cannot have one. That’s because they’ve sold out.

From the site:

Plush Jobs loves you. Cuddle up with him and pretend he’s whispering corporate secrets in your ear. Jobs enjoys hanging out with your other stuffed animals… also he adores Barbie. But please keep him away from computers running Windows, he hates those.

Plush Jobs would like you to know that he is completely handmade and that his glasses are constructed from wire. He also mentions that even his shoelaces are hand stitched. Plush Jobs says that he is quite tall at 43cm (17″ inches) high. He thinks it would be very nice to live at your house.

Plush Jobs is not for children. Unfortunately he is a choking hazard. Please be 18 or older to handle Jobs responsibly.

As a result of this failure, I’ve decided that I shall punish myself for my lack of reporting ability. I’m going to start by making myself watch Oprah for the next week, eat lots of vegetables and tell my wife to “tell me more” when she’s discussing her personal issues with breastfeeding. That’s right, I’m taking one for the team, and it’s gonna be rough.

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