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Sensationally sexy, Ms. PAC-MAN! The application “Ms. PAC-MAN” is one of those rare addictive and insatiable games that are offered on the iPhone, and worth paying for. For $2.99, the full version App is available, and highly recommended.

Although there is a “Lite” version of “Ms. PAC-MAN” available to download on the iPhone for free, it lacks the difficult and engaging levels that truly make the famished ghost-eating sensation what she is. Open up the wallet right away, for the App store has listed “Ms. PAC-MAN” as on sale for a limited time only.

“Ms. PAC-MAN” brought the rough and clunky Atari-age classic arcade game (PAC-MAN) to new heights, as the female version not only appealed to many girls and women across the world, but it also was a superior game. The improved graphics and game-play of “Ms. PAC-MAN” make her timeless.

Who would not want to be sitting at an arcade, witnessing full color, sound and incredible gaming, instead of just being on line at a bank bored, and on the verge of beating one’s self senseless with any nearby blunt object. Put the paper weight down and pull out an iPhone to start up “Ms. PAC-MAN,” and gain back control over time itself!

Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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