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No question should go unanswered…“WIKIPEDIA” is here! The encyclopedia of the ages, the darling of the 21st Century and the resource of resources comes to the iPhone in a free application. Curious about John Lennon’s birthday? Look it up!

Just click on “WIKIPEDIA” and a home page magically transports readers to Europe for the Italian War of 1542-1546, via “Today’s Featured Article.” Scroll down with a fingertip to see the “In The News” section devoted to current events like the dust storms of Australia, or the earthquake in India.

At the top of the screen, simply enough, is a search engine for the App’s amazing archive of information. Even professors admit that the usefulness of this tool cannot be ignored, as “WIKIPEDIA” makes a great starting point for any research project.

Now that the power of the web site’s encyclopedia is completely mobile, information is traversed from the pocket to the hand, anywhere. The “WIKIPEDIA” App provides the complete array of background information that the web site has: histories, biographies, definitions (and more), but it gives it all to the small screen of one’s iPhone.

Grade: A