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I get inspired when I see people modifying their workspaces to better accomodate their needs. For me, desk space is pretty critical. I’ve considered making some kind of under-desk dock for my MacBook and running a single large monitor instead of the dual setup I have going now, but I just haven’t made up my mind yet. Now comes a cool idea for the Mac Mini that works under that same principle.

It’s called the MiClassic Mount Bracket, and it’s a stand that mounts underneath your desk. It also comes with a front-mount USB hub, which is also nice for accessibility. But for me, I see other uses for this thing.

Imagine using it in your living room. Mount it under a shelf on your entertainment unit, which is great when you have fixed-height shelves with lots of room to stack items, but that’s always the best for heating and cooling. By mounting the Mini to the bottom of a shelf, you keep it off the ground and it looks great, too. And if you need frequent access to the back of the computer, they have a pivoting version of the stand as well.

I love cool things like this, and for $54.99, it’s hard to skip. Well, at least if you have a Mac Mini, anyways.

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