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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Uproarious “AtomicFart” App

Three…Two…One…Splat! The sound of a flagellant time-bomb rips through the air in a crowded subway. Almost instantaneously, the entire throng of New Yorkers inside the car leaps aside. A space of a foot around is left encircling the clever iPhone’s owner. This is the rendered effect of using the free “AtomicFart” application. This custom farting…

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Maximizing Protection: How Enclosed Car Trailers Secure Your Precious Cargo

Transporting valuable cargo such as exotic cars, antique vehicles, or high-end motorcycles can be a nerve-wracking experience for any owner. The risks of damage or theft always loom large, and even the slightest mistake during transportation can result in costly damages. This is where enclosed car trailers come to the rescue. These trailers provide maximum…

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Wal-Mart Getting iPad Too

[Image via Apple Insider] First Target, now Wal-Mart. Reports have it that the iPad is coming to Wally World, and soon, too. Here’s the scoop from Apple Insider: In a potential answer to that speculation, we’ve received word that Wal-Mart sent an email to its store managers today outlining the iPad models and related accessories…

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Posterino 1.01 Released

Press Release Zykloid Software today announced the version 1.0.2 of Posterino its ‘Life Poster’ composing application. Posterino lets you easily create life posters, photo frames, postcards, greeting cards and contact sheets from your digital pictures. The software supports auto-placement of photos, export of posters or postcards, custom template creation, and various image manipulation routines such…

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