Posterino 1.01 Released

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Zykloid Software today announced the version 1.0.2 of Posterino its ‘Life Poster’ composing application. Posterino lets you easily create life posters, photo frames, postcards, greeting cards and contact sheets from your digital pictures. The software supports auto-placement of photos, export of posters or postcards, custom template creation, and various image manipulation routines such as cropping and rotation.

Changes since the last public release (v1.0.1):

[CHANGED] Changed the implementation of the ‘Backward’ and ‘Forward’ object layer operations to focus on the visual hierarchy of objects instead of the ‘physical’ hierarchy.

[CHANGED] Choose random selection does no longer deselect the current selection.

[FIXED] Fixed a bug in the handling of object layers after loading a document.

[FIXED] Solved a problem where a single image is rendered several times on the output.

[FIXED] Solved a problem where shuffled images re-appear at there old position after loading a saved document.

[FIXED] Fixed a problem where images smaller than the defined thumbnail size are created with a big black border.

[NEW] Added layer operations to the context menu of the document editor.

[NEW] New toolbar buttons ‘Bring to Front’ and ‘Send to Back’ for object layer handling. Choose “Customize Toolbar…” from the “View” menu to add the new buttons to your toolbar.

[NEW] You can navigate the templates in the template chooser by using the arrow keys.

This is the first I’ve seen of Posterino, but it looks like a very cool application. Expect a Spotlight on it soon.

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