How To: install SVN plugin for Finder

svn.jpgBrajeshwar sent us a useful How To for those of you looking for a way to get SVN integration right in Finder. This is a good tutorial, including screenshots to help you along, so if you’re wanting to get “under the hood” of your Mac and intergrate SVN into Finder, now’s your chance:

Do you missed the TortoiseSVN plugin for Windows Explorer? I missed it terribly. I was living with RapidSVN for quite sometime. It is not that bad but I needed a bit more satisfaction than that. I was really wishing that I can get SVN integration right in the File Browser – The Finder. Eclipse Projects are well taken care of by Sublipse. What about the other projects that do not necessarily come under Eclipse – where I just monitor the codes, file hierarchy, et al and not really get involved with.

Click Here to Read the Full How To:

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