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Specials Agent App is Here to Locate Drink & Dinner Specials NOW

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Sales can be hard to come across on the best of days, but the day specific boneless wings deals, half-priced lunch specials and happy hour two-fers are almost impossible to plan, let alone remember…until now!

The special agents at have developed the “Specials” application to covertly seek out and bring together any and every food and drink sale, gimmick, or special in the United States. The espionage is legend, as the free “Specials” App automatically locates its user and then centers the deep sale undercover work on that island locale.

The waves are crashing on the sapphire bay and the stomach rumbles. It is mid day and any special pertaining to food or drink would appeal to the laid back patron of the sea. By firing up the “Specials” App a choice is given for choosing What to look for, Where to look for it (and this defaults to the current locale of the user) and When (as in today). If the surfer does not even want to type in a particular food, he merely scratches the sun-dyed hair on his head and presses Find Specials: then all of the closest food and drink establishments magically appear and yield whether or not they have any ongoing sale.

Head to Bucci’s Pizza, hypothetically, and get the one and a half hour lunch special that includes two slices and a can of pop for four bucks. Saving money and enjoying food is incredibly easy now and the “Specials” application even contains a Favorites function to keep access to the great sales.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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