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Mactracker App Has Every Apple Device’s History in Detail

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With the curious passing of time many different Apples have fallen from the silicone tree of one Steve Jobs, and the free “Mactracker” application has compiled history and details for each and every one!

To some, many consumers’ allegiance to Apple products is so strong that it could be compared to a cult religion. For those followers with an iPhone, or for the average history and technology buffs: this amazing App is for you.

In the computer world Macs are certainly the minority, but this should in no way impose that Macs are inferior; on the contrary those that have wisely chosen to adopt a bite of Apple technology somewhere along the line have rarely turned back from the intuitive, intelligent, innovative – do I have enough I’s there – and, in myriad ways, superior products on the whole.

Mac has been loyal to its customers and they in turn have been loyal to Mac. So reminisce about a radical college student’s first iPod purchase, back before everyone had one, or look back and see exactly when the Macintosh PowerBook 520c was introduced in 1994 for $2,900.

The “Mactracker” App easily lists groupings of Apple Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, Devices – like the iPhone and iPod – and Software.

The real genius here graces the touch-screen once a specific product is chosen. Each one is given a picture, general information like the introduction dates, discontinued dates, machine ID, model numbers, original prices and weight; then the processing, storage, display and graphics, expansion and power, ports, environmental and even software details are each grouped separately revealing everything about the awesome Apples.

The “Mactracker” App also includes a bonus at the end of every computing device: the audio of the specific computer’s Startup Chime!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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  1. Excuse me, but shouldn’t … ‘silicone’ be.. ‘silicon’. ?!!

    Me thinks the author has something else on his mind besides trees…

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