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NYC Way App is Everything New York City

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“NYC Way” is the most AMAZING application ever created for the iPhone!

Take the user’s location and, based solely on that, reveal the closest Dining for Malaysian cuisine, Nightlife happenings, Events, News, Street Eats, Restrooms, Coffee Shops, Wifi Locations, Subway and public transportation maps, schedules and alerts; that is only a quarter of the way through all of the applications for this.

Each of the categories gets their own App inside the “NYC Way” App! Wherever the user stands brings up the closest Traffic Cameras, Hotels, Theaters, Shopping places, Tourism locales, recycling bins, Recreational activities, Utilities like the post offices, twenty-four hour pharmacies, zip cars and gas stations, Art Galleries, Apartments for rent, Juice Joints and even Jobs.

Curious about the closest pizza shops, then simply thumb the Restaurant Inspection application and find out who has the best meatball slices. For the New York City local there is a Favorites section to mark any spot into the App, and there is also an Add a Location ability to make the “NYC Way” App even better!

For any human being living on the planet that will either plan to travel to New York City or live there at some point the free “NYC Way” App is an absolute necessity. The creator of the ultimate App for Manhattan has lived in the NYC area for twenty plus years and provided everything that one could ever think of finding in the big city and enrolled it all into one program.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A++

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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