OSX Quick Tip: Transparent Notes

Stickies are a cool little application in OSX that allow you place virtual “Sticky Notes” on your screen. They are useful for leaving messages to yourself, or for someone else that will be on the computer later. You can find them in your Applications folder. The only problem with Stickies is that they can get […]

OS X Quick Tip: Hidden Sorting Options in Preview

One of the great things about Preview is that you can select multiple documents and they will all appear in the side Drawer. You can sort these documents by dragging them around, but there is a better way to sift through them than that. By Control+clicking on one of the images in the Drawer, a […]

OS X Quicktip: Unlock Pre-made AppleScripts

You may not know it, but there are already a ton of AppleScripts on your Mac, just waiting for you to use them. All you have to do is know where to find them. Go into your Applications folder>AppleScript and click on the AppleScript Utility Now select “Show Script Menu in menu bar” Now you’ll […]

OS X Quicktip: Find and Eliminated Corrupt Fonts

A bad font can destroy your life.  Wait…that might be over stating it a bit…but not much.  Corrupt fonts cna be a nightmare on your system, and can cause you unneeded headaches…but there is an easy way to check for them…here’s how… Go to your Applications folder and launch Fontbook. You can either select the […]

OS X Quick Tip: Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shorcuts are fantastics…but unfortunetly, not every task has a keyboard shortcut assigned to it. However, if you want, you can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts and add to the already impressive list of shortcuts that’s built into you Mac. Here’s how… Go under the Apple menu, to System Preferences, and choose Keyboard & […]

OS X Quick Tip: Boot from a CD in OS X

I posted this as a How to on Lifespy last night, but for those of you that may not know, this is a very useful – and very, very simple – quick tip. Here’s how you Boot from a CD on a Mac. Restart the Computer. Hold down the “c” key when the computer boots […]

OS X Quick Tip: Add Google Talk to iChat

In a post yesterday about Google Talk being added to iChat 4.0, a reader named Mark pointed out that you can actually already do this in current versions of iChat via Jabber. Simply select Jabber Account when you are setting up the account. Enter talk.google.com as the server, and your gmail address as the username. […]

OS X Quick Tip: Zoom in, Zoom Out

The Universal Access area of your System Preferences is one of the least used places on most Macs…but it is filled with cool and interesting things you can do on your Mac. One such thing is zooming. You can zoom in and out of your screen just like if you were using an application like […]

OSX Quick Tip: Copy and Delete files at the same time!

So, you’re moving some files over to, say, external storage…so you drag them over to the other drive and start waiting. The files transfer then you go get the other files, move them into the trash on the original machine – that’s the fastest way to do that, right? Nope. If you press Command when […]