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quicktip.jpgI spend a lot of time online (some of you may have noticed this).

As a result, I tend to have between 5 and 50 different tabs open in my browser at any given time. Usually it’s a mix of things that I want to look at in relation to one of the many sites that I blog on.

I have found an easier way to muddle through this process in Safari 3, however, and for those of you that missed it in the video I posted yesterday, I’m going to run through it now…

Safari 3 has a cool new feature under Bookmarks.

Simply open up the tabs that you want to reference later then click Bookmarks>Add Bookmarks for These Tabs…


This will create a single bookmark that will open all of the tabs you currently have open when you select it. It will allow you to save essentially save your session to come back to later.


You can even take it a step further with the new dragging tabs feature in Safari. If you have, say, 10 windows open and 5 of them are for one thing, and the other 5 for another, simply drag one of them into a new Safari window, then drag over the other 4 that are on that subject into that new window as well. Then you’ll have two Safari windows open with 5 tabs each. You can then bookmark those two separate sessions and come back to them whenever you like.

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4 thoughts on “OSX Quicktip: Saving Sessions in Safari 3

  1. Okay Michael. Since you are into tabs that much. We all “Tabbed browsing surfers know that our (5-50 tabs) will mostly fall into 2 or three categories at any given time.

    Here you suggested that we drag one tab to another window and then drag the other related four tabs after it into that new window. Seems nice, but a lot of works. I have a much better idea.

    Ever worked with photoshop? I bet you did. Do you use layer folders? We all do. It keeps the layers window neat with related layers grouped together in folders with meaningful names. I can’t imagine photoshop without this feature.

    My idea is: Why can’t we have tabs folders in the same window to organize related tabs by grouping them together, and you can give meaningful names to these folders to make things neat and tidy. I have been thinking about this for quiet sometime now, ever since I started using tabs on FireFox.

    I can’t imagine how no one else have thought of this idea.

    What do you think of this Michael? I guess it can be a killer feature when added to any browser. If I knew how I would have certainly programmed a plugin for firefox or safari and called it Tabs Folders or iTabs or something like that 🙂

  2. If you right click on the tabs bar in Safari 3 beta, you can see the “Add Bookmark these # tabs” menu item directly without having to click on the bookmarks link above. Cool, don’t you think so? 😉

  3. Thanks for the tip, but I’m damned mad that everything else so good about the Mac now has to be made lame because Steve (or whoever) didn’t think we needed saved sessions.

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