The Beatles – Now On iTunes

Minutes ago Apple revealed The Beatles are now on iTunes. The Beatle’s 13 studio albums are available for download from the iTunes Store at 99¢ to $1.29 per song. The band’s complete box set is available for download at $149. The addition of The Beatles’ catalog to the iTunes store has been the center of […]

iPod Upgrading on the Cheap

[image via Unplggd] I’m not a huge fan of the new iPod lineup. The iPod Touch is nice, but it doesn’t have enough capacity for me. Granted, there aren’t any iPods that can hold my 230GB iTunes library, but if we’re talking about just music, I’m only at 36GB or so, which my ancient iPod […]

Why an iPod Shuffle?

Music, music, everywhere. It’s how I like my life, which is why we have music in every room in our home- from our bedroom to our kitchen to our bathroom (because there’s nothing quite like showering to Yo-Yo Ma after a long, tiring day). To accomplish this, we’ve always had various stereo system and boom […]

Time Out New York – City Guide App is an A+

Deciding on what to do in a place as busy as the city of New York can be tough, because there is just so much going on. Welcome the ultimate city planner: the “Time Out New York” application! Let your iPhone tell you up to date events, prices, reviews and maps to find everything that […]