Microsoft’s Allchin proposed support for iPod

“I think I should talk with Jobs. Right now, I think I should open up a dialogue for support of the iPod. Unless something changes, the iPod will drive people away from WMP [Windows Media Player],” he said in a Nov. 13, 2003 internal e-mail that was marked ‘highly confidential’ and carried the subject line “sucking on media players.”

That’s a quote from a Yahoo News article posted this morning that reveals that Jim Allchin, the outgoing head of the Microsoft division in charge of Windows, was so distraught over the lack of quality from competing MP3 players that he was ready and willing to cave to Apple.

These comments come from documents made public as part of an Iowa antitrust case. This case was reported on last week as well for revealing that Microsoft was contemplating creating their own MP3 player in 2003, due to a lack of quality players from third party device makers.

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