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What do you do with your old Apple devices? Do you (gasp!) throw them away? These clever Apple fans have repurposed their old stuff, finding new life for beautiful products of yesteryear.

Apple “Hockey Puck” Mouse → Belt Buckle

Big belt buckles are so in style right now. [Image source]

Power Buttons → Cufflinks

I actually think one would look pretty dapper in these handsome cufflinks. They only cost $22, and if you like these, the seller has an entire line of jewelry made of recycled Mac buttons, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. [Image source]

iBook → Clock

Clocks made from old Macs are a very big deal. It’s probably the most frequently thing recyclers make out of Apple devices. I’m partial to this iBook clock, which sadly isn’t made anymore; it sold way back in 2010. But there’s also a MacBook model, a PowerMac G4 Cube model, and any number of others. Speaking of the G4 Cube… [Image source]

PowerMac G4 Cube → Tissue Box

The PowerMac G4 Cube has inspired many a recycler with its cool, acrylic-and-metal shape. This one was a no-brainer. With that oval vent on the top, it was practically begging to be a tissue dispenser. [Image source]

PowerMac G4 Cube → Toaster

With apologies to the Cylons… Best. Toaster. Ever. [Image source]

PowerMac G4 Cube → LEGO NXT Robot

This is the definition of awesome. Not only is it a robot capable of interacting with its environment, it transforms! Cube to rolling robot. Check out those retracting wheels! [Source]

PowerMac → Mailbox

I love this. Can I say that again? I love this. I would so do this if I had an old PowerMac sitting around. And I knew anything about construction and stuff. [Image source]

PowerMac → Beer Keg

You know you want it. [Image source]

Mac Mini → Toilet Paper Dispenser

Why stop at a tissue box when you can go all the way? [Image source]

Macintosh → Planter

Crazy cool or just crazy? [Image source]

Floppy Drive → Computer Stereo Amp

Not sure what model of computer this old-school floppy disk drive came from. Any guesses? [Image source]

Keyboard Keys → USB Thumb Drive

Does anybody else look at this and see Scrabble tiles? Just me? Okay, then. [Image source]

MacBook → iPad Sleeve

I tried not to include any Apple devices that have been repurposed into other Apple devices (like those old iMacs that have been made into iPad holders), but this one was way too good to ignore. [Source]

iMac → Aquarium

The nice, roomy size of the original iMac has inspired a lot of recyclers. This one was another obvious one, but it’s really well done. Of course there’s also a G4 Cube version, too. [Image source]

iMac → Pet Bed

Looks a little cramped to me, but the cat seems to dig it. So I don’t judge. [Image source]

iMac → Nightlight

An iMac-sized nightlight is kinda overkill, don’t you think? Still… nifty. [Image source]

iMac G4 → Desk Lamp

Man, I wish I’d thought of this. Genius! [Image source]

iPod Touch Power Adapter Box → LED “Message Box”

Apple’s product boxes are notorious for how fans cherish and keep them. This one was used for a unique “message box,” which shows alerts to its owner. [Image source]

iPod Nano Box → Art

This impressive artist put a tiny diorama inside an acrylic iPod Nano box. [Image source]

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3 thoughts on “Repurposed Apple Products

  1. The floppy drive which was turned into an amplifier was a rare Apple PC 5.25 drive, which was meant to allow early Macs to read PC-formatted floppy disks (using a special controller card and software). Eventually replaced by the FDHD, aka the original SuperDrive.

    1. I have two, which came with my Apple llc, which still boots ….
      … and has a lovely keyboard feel ….

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