President Bush discusses the contents of his iPod

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hmm…how to post this without discussing politics….hmm….

US President George W. Bush apparently has an iPod and an iPod Shuffle…and he knows how to operate them. We know this, because Fox News is willing to ask the tough questions.

Feel free to go nuts in the comments below if you wish.

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8 thoughts on “President Bush discusses the contents of his iPod

  1. Well, I don’t know what’s more troubling: The fact that he has an iPod or that he didn’t know the title “American Pie”. Either way, I kinda like knowing he uses an iPod.

  2. That’s cool, at least he owns some Apple Tech. I would have been more impressed if he’d had an iPhone or mentioned that he uses a Mac.

    But, as we all know, the iPod is a “gateway drug”. The public takes a few hits off of an iPod during a party and before you know it, they’re giving their life savings to the local dealer (Apple Store) and filling their bored, depressed Windows based lives with Macs, AppleTVs, and iPhones!

  3. I don’t suppose we would get so lucky that the RIAA would sue him for not paying for those tracks twice? No? (shucks)

    Ummm… I’d make fun, but you’re kind of, well, right. I got started with a nano a while back, and since then have managed to acquire all sorts of things apple. I’d argue that it’s a coincidence and that I got made a fanboy for other reasons, but I’m not sure.

    (I’m gonna keep an eye on a friend of mine, he’s popping for a large Ipod next month, and is thoroughly mired in PC’s. What he does will be an interesting controlled experiment.)

  4. @ Scott

    Actually, I am pretty sure that Bush is a Mac user. Don’t quote me on it, but I remember reading it somewhere.

  5. @Michael

    Ack! Don’t go there. I hate Bush, I’d hate to think I’d have to go back to Windows! (Kidding, I wouldn’t actually do that. I’d go linux = )

  6. That’s EXACTLY how I got hooked on Apple products. It started with an iPod Nano, before I knew I owned an iMac (Intel Duo), then bought my daughter an iMac (G4), then bought an iPod shuffle (for running), then bought an iPhone, then bought my daughter a new iPod Nano, then upgraded my Mac (Aluminum), gave my old Mac to my daughter and converted her G4 into a Jukebox/Media Center for behind the bar in the basement, then bought an AppleTV. I am HOOKED!

    Before I bought my iPod . . . part of my job responsibilities included being the Network Admin for our small Office – I was totally and completely committed to Windows PCs. I thought people who bought Apple products were lunatics. But I’ve been enlightened, and kick myself in the rear for not converting earlier!

  7. Great post! No worries about the ‘politics’; I actually find it fascinating what famous celebrities have on their iPods. In fact, apart from those ‘celebrity playlists’ that Apple sometimes put on iTunes, I wish there were a site which interviewed famous people on the contents of their iPod! 🙂

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