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Apple issues iPod Nano (4th Gen) software update

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New iPod Nano users have an update waiting for them the next time they sync their iPods. The iPod nano (4th Generation) update 1.0.3 adds the following to the iPod Nano:

Support for Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Support for Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

Fixed instability issues when using Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Added a setting to turn off Cover Flow when rotating iPod nano and a Cover Flow menu item under the Music menu

When Shuffle setting is set to Songs, pressing play on a song in saved Genius playlist will now follow the Shuffle setting

After playing a slideshow with TV out, Cover Flow album art is no longer distorted

Waking iPod nano after hibernating no longer distorts photos

Other minor bug fixes

If you don’t see an automatic notice to update the next time you sync your iPod Nano, just click on the “Check for Updates” button in iTunes while you have your iPod Nano connected.

Thanks to Steve (no, not that Steve) for sending this in!

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One thought on “Apple issues iPod Nano (4th Gen) software update

  1. The new apple Nano 5g appears just as sleek and beautiful as the commendable 4th generation Nano.It is nice, if you carry your Nano everywhere, to have the ability to take video. Cool.
    The new nano includes a FM Turner. Blah you might say? Yes, that is not particularly exciting, BUT the Nano adds one cool feature to FM Radio. You can “pause,” the radio up to 15 minutes, such as you might do with the DVR connected to your television. It works flawlessly.

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