1 Million Zunes sold? Maybe…maybe not…

In today’s podcast I reported, via MacNN that Microsoft had already sold their 1 Millionth Zune ahead of schedule… Turns out that’s not quite true… MacNN is now reporting that, apparently, Microsoft Entertainment division head Robbie Bach had been misquoted in the text version of his interview. The Zune HAS NOT sold over a million […]

Apple Releases Official “Lost” iPod Game

Well, the iPod game market just got a whole lot more interesting. Today, Apple released an Official iPod game based on the TV series LOST. The game was created by Gameloft, a popular mobile gaming developer, and is based on a storyline created by the writers of the television show. In the game you play […]

Apple Nets 10% of US Retail Laptop Sales

Market research firm NPD published a study for top retail computer hardware sales for the month of March 2007 last week. Apple’s laptop sales are climbing signifigently thanks to the success of the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines. Here is the complete breakdown for Laptop, Desktop, and MP3 player sales. Laptops 1. Toshiba 26.2% 2. […]

Patent Filing: iPod/iPhone Nano w/ “Touch Surface” On Back

Apple’s newest iPod related Paten filing reveals a concept for an iPod with a full screen complete with “no touchie” surface.  The touch area of the device would actually be the BACK of the iPod/iPhone/iWhatever.  You can see from the illustration above how it would work. Remember, though, these Patent filings don’t often reveal the […]

RUMOR: New iPod on Tuesday? – They’re kidding, right?

So when’s the last time you went to Think Secret? I haven’t been there in a while, but today they’re back in the spotlight for the following “rumor”… The information, which comes from an unproven source, suggests that Apple will show off the new iPod tomorrow but will hold off on shipping the device until […]

Everyone can now sell DRM-Free tracks in iTunes

Apple sent out a short message to partners who provide music to the iTunes store. The notice lets partners know that Apple will begin offering DRM-Free, higher quality tracks, next month, and they they can sell DRM Free tracks as well, if they choose to. Many of you have reached out to iTunes to find […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 33 is Live!

New Leopard feature, iPhone NOT delayed, iQuiz coming, and more You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should be able to play every episode of the podcast directly in your browser by using the widget below. Just click on […]

iPod Quick Tip – Change your Songs Rating on your iPod

Have you ever wanted to change the rating of your song while it was on your iPod? Well, it’s easy enough to do. Simply press the select button (that button in the middle of the clickwheel) twice. Then use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease your song rating. BOOM – your song rating is […]

Apple Sells 100 Million iPods

Apple issued a star studded press release this morning to announce that they have officially sold 100 million iPods, making the device the fastest selling music player in history. This number, of course, includes all 11 different iPod generations and styles, including the 5 generations of the iPod, 2 generations of iPod minis, 2 generations […]