The $1.98 Video iPod Stand

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ipodstand.jpgI mentioned earlier today that I recently purchased a G5 Video iPod.  Before this purchase, I had been using an iPod shuffle for most of my music and podcast listening at work, but now that I have this big beautiful screen on my iPod, I felt like I needed to get an iPod stand, or dock of some kind so I could see it.

Well, I did some looking around, and really wasn’t interested in paying the $30 plus bucks that everyone seems to want for a decent stand – so I look around my desk for a “rigged” up solution…and then I found it.  A business card holder under some junk on my desk (there is A LOT of junk on my desk).  I gave it a try, and it’s freakin’ perfect.

So without further ado, here is a link to Office Max, where you can get your very own, $1.98 cent Video iPod stand

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4 thoughts on “The $1.98 Video iPod Stand

  1. Michael, dude you are a life saver! I was wanting just a stand for my g5 ipod as well because I use mines while in flight on the plane alot, and I got so tired of holding it while in flight, I was going to make something but this seems perffect! I didn’t want to spend 30 bucks for a dock stand either, so I googled ipod stand and Im glad I came across this site.

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