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Let’s Play A Game: Movie and TV Show Mac Spotting

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My fiance and I watched the movie The Proposal yesterday and I can’t help but notice that in the first 10 minutes of the movie, I’ve spotted around four (4) Macs.

When Sandra Bullock enters her office building, you can already spot a couple of iMacs in the background. When she enters her room, there’s an iMac right smack in the middle. When Ryan Reynolds makes a phone call, an iMac practically takes the whole left area of the screen. And when Sandra Bullock enters another room, an Apple MacBook Pro is just right there!


I guess we can say that Apple has come a long way, especially in media. It seems like lately, Apple has been the choice of computer props when it comes to movies, TV shows and even commercials. I find it funny that sometimes they remove the Apple logo but you can see that it’s an Apple product anyway. I can name a few TV shows that have Apple products as their mainstay. There’s Privileged, where the opening actually features a MacBook Pro and the Baker twins have a iMac each in their room. Then of course there’s Gossip Girl where you can see spot multiple Apple products from the iMac, to a black MacBook and an iPhone. If you actually watch the new series V, I’ve spotted one of Visitors using an iPhone to take a photo of herself in episode 2!

And of course, the most legendary of all movie Mac Spotting is with Sex and the City, both the series and the movie. If I’m not mistaken, Sex and the City is one of the first few TV shows in where a Mac made its debut and how all fashionistas raved about how sleek Carrie Bradshow’s brand new laptop was. I actually think Sex and the City is the TV show and/or movie that made Apple laptops a fashion-must.

One thing I have to say, it’s fascinating that, most, if not all movies that have Apple products in them usually have a story line about fashion, or lives of the rich and famous. You can really see what kind of reputation Apple wants to show to the world.

So, have you spotted any Macs in any movie or TV show lately?

Lia Espina

Lia Espina

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play A Game: Movie and TV Show Mac Spotting

  1. It is better than seeing an upside down Apple or flipped the wrong way. I think the best guys to do it, have been Mythbusters – duck tape covers ANY logo that may be seen.

  2. I have to disagree; I don’t think all movies or TV shows that have Apples in them are about fashion, or lives of the rich and famous. Also it not really a recent trend, they’ve been doing it for ages. For example, in 24 the good guys were using Macs and the baddies PCs; in Journeyman, the main character is using an iPhone; in Chuck the main character is using a Mac Pro. Movies that I’ve spotted Apples recently in: Independence Day, Iron Man, I Am Legend, Unbreakable, Hot Fuzz, Wall-E (the sound that Wall-E makes when he wakes up from sleep) and oh yeah don’t forget 2010: A Space Odyssey. Not exactly “fashion” movies.

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