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REVIEW: Instant Handbrake

I recently purchased a G5 Video iPod, and I’ve been looking for a simple solution for converting my DVDs to iPod Video. A Quick Google Search will show you there are several different options out there – some free, some not-so free. Last night, however, I found my favorite of the bunch – Instant Handbrake….

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7 Free Open Source macOS Apps for Guitarists

If you have a digital audio device that can connect your guitar to your Mac, there’s a library of open-source software you can access for recording, editing, and processing the signal. These powerful macOS apps for guitarists can be useful for any musician. Basic Digital Audio Workstation: Audacity The granddad of open-source audio-processing software, Audacity…

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How to Organize Your iPhone Photos and How to Display Them in Your Home

The ability to capture special moments is made incredibly easy with the iPhone camera, resulting in an ever-growing collection of beautiful memories. Organizing these photos and displaying them throughout your home allows you to keep a record of your favorite experiences. By following our essential guide on organizing your iPhone photos and exploring unique display…

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