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The redesign of Apple Gazette is almost complete. One thing that I think needs to be updated in the design is our logo. I love the text and font used (although I don’t know the name of it), but it’s probably not a good idea to be using Apple’s official logo in the official site logo.

We can’t print it on t-shirts, or – anything really – so it makes sense to create a new logo to coincide with the new design that will be ours, while still having a somewhat familiar feel.

SO – this afternoon, I put these logos together. Please take the poll below and let me know which one you like the best. The winner will, most likely, be the new logo for the site, although I do still reserve the right to make the final call.


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22 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Help me pick a new Apple Gazette logo!

  1. Very cool stuff, I personally like the 6th one. I’m not a huge fan of the ti-die (hippies, LOL). But whatever everyone votes is fine with me.

    Also, you are working on a lot of stuff here at Apple Gazette! This is a great blog, thanks so much!

  2. I agree with Bill. None of them seem to work for me, and a typographic approach might be a better angle, away from trying to emulate apples mark.

  3. @Eric

    I like what we have now too – but I don’t want to get sued! 😛

    Not that Apple has threatened or anything, but now is a good time to change it up.


  4. How about none of the above?
    I like just the text logo.
    It doesn’t need a symbol. The name says it all.

  5. @Bill, John and Phil

    I added a ‘none of the above’ to the poll. I assume that you didn’t vote for one, since you’re being so vocal that you don’t like any of them.

    Feel free to vote for “none”.

    I’m not really into the idea of there being no logo at all – and I’m not going to keep the official apple one there – so after this poll has a day or two to catch everyone’s eye I’ll look at things and either pick a logo that’s a clear winner, go back to the drawing board, or do something else entirely.

    Any graphic designers out there that might want to send a logo this way, are certainly welcome to.


  6. I say #2, because the “ag” can stand alone without the “apple gazette” text and you’ll still now what it means or at least that “ag” must stand for something instead of having just a random apple.

  7. I just have to say that I like the one at the top of this page. The old original apple gazette logo. Can we keep it please?

  8. @Rick

    That’s my favorite too, for that exact same reason.

    @The Wizard

    I feel like we have to change it. It’s a potential lawsuit, and I know for sure that Apple is aware of the blog…I think its important for the long term growth of the site.

  9. @ Rick and Micheal

    I understand why you would like #2 but it took me a few seconds to see that the apple was made with an “a” and a “g”. I thought, at first, that it looked like a pair of binoculars. Also, I don’t think the apple that those letters created looked that good. I like the concept but if you go that route I think it needs to be refined.

  10. Any graphic designers out there that might want to send a logo this way, are certainly welcome to.

    So how do we do that? Can an image be attached to this post?

  11. @Michael

    But apple gazette and apple inc. don’t compete in the same arena and I don’t see how apple can be harmed by AG using the current logo. You actually promote Apple products by writing about it. Plus if there would be a lawsuit my guess will be…. I will tell you on Twitter 🙂

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