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When you forget your iPhone passcode and get locked out, you can usually restore your iPhone with iTunes or erase it with iCloud Find My iPhone. But what if neither approach works for you? That’s where the iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer comes in.


So does iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer really work? Can I trust iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer? Now, read this iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer review to find out.


What Is iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer?

iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is a specialized iPhone unlocking software designed to quickly unlock locked or disabled iPhones without a passcode. It removes the iPhone passcode, Face ID or Touch ID so you can regain access. The tool also allows you to remove an Apple ID from your iPhone without a password, and to remove a forgotten Screen Time Passcode from your iPhone without losing any data.

Does iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer work?

iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is not an official Apple app; it is developed by iSumsoft, a 10-year-old software company that specializes in solving iPhone, Android, and PC problems. Since it’s a third-party app, one of our biggest concerns is whether it actually works to unlock the iPhone.


After extensive testing on real iPhones, we can say with confidence that iSumsoft Passcode Refixer works (at least 95% of the time). It has proven to be one of the most trustworthy, efficient, and widely used tools for unlocking an iPhone without a passcode or Face ID. Here is how iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer works.

1.     Unlock iPhone Screen

Step 1: Download and install the iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer software on your windows computer. Run this software after installation.


Step 2: On the home page of the software, click to select the option that says Unlock Lock Screen.

Step 3: The next page lists the various scenarios in which this option is applicable. Simply click Start to proceed.

Step 4: Next, make sure you have connected your iPhone to your computer via a Lightning-to-USB cable, and then click Next. The software will automatically detect your iPhone. Of course, you can also connect your iPhone from the start. If the software cannot detect your locked iPhone, simply put it in recovery mode before clicking Next.

Step 5: Click the Download button, and the software will automatically start downloading the latest firmware package required to unlock your iPhone. Don’t worry, the firmware package comes from the Apple server and takes only a few minutes to download.

Step 6: Once the firmware package is ready, you will see the big blue button on the software page that says Unlock. Click the Unlock button and the software will immediately begin unlocking your iPhone.

Step 7: Wait a few minutes until the software page displays the message Unlocked Screen Successfully. Then, your iPhone will reboot, and you can regain access.

2.     Remove Apple ID

An extra feature of iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is that it helps you remove an Apple ID or iCloud account from your iPhone without knowing the Apple ID password. This is useful when you can’t remove an Apple ID from your iPhone because you forgot or don’t know the Apple ID password.

It’s worth noting that this feature only works with iOS versions prior to iOS 11. If you want to remove an Apple ID without a password on iOS 12/13/14/15/16, turn to the specialized iCloud removal tool called iSumsoft iLock Refixer.

3.     Remove Screen Time Passcode

If you forget your Screen Time Passcode, you may need to erase the entire iPhone to delete it, which is a time-consuming task. Thanks to the iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer, you don’t have to. The tool enables you to remove a forgotten Screen Time Passcode from your iOS device with one click without losing any data.

Is iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer Safe?

Yes, iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is proven to be 100% secure and reliable. It has been certified by Microsoft and has passed all anti-virus checks to ensure that it is free of ads, viruses, and plug-ins. The tool downloads the iOS firmware package needed to unlock the iPhone from the Apple server, which makes the unlocking process 100% secure and reliable. And it won’t collect or disclose any user data and information, nor will it have any adverse effect on your device. According to the research and development team at iSumsoft, the software is actually designed according to iTunes’ Restore feature, making it just as secure as iTunes.

Is iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer free?

iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is not free; it costs $19.95. You can get lifetime use of the software on unlimited devices for only $19.95, without paying monthly or annual fees. This is more affordable than any other software with the same functionality on the market.


Moreover, before purchasing the software, you are free to download a free trial version to ensure that it is compatible with your system. The trial version allows you to preview all the features to make sure that the software meets your requirements.


Pros and Cons on iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer


No software is 100% perfect. Any software has both advantages and disadvantages, and iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is no exception.




  • Easy to use with a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Unlock locked/disabled iPhone without relying on iTunes or iCloud.
  • The unlocking success rate is greater than 95%.
  • Work for all iPhone and iPad models regardless of iOS version.
  • Free technical support and video tutorial.




  • The unlocking process deletes all user data on the iPhone.
  • Not compatible with macOS.
  • It’s not free.



To summarize, iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is a fantastic, safe, and trustworthy iPhone unlocking software. It is a great option if you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode and iTunes or iCloud doesn’t help. The software is simple to use and affordable, and the most important is that it works well to unlock the iPhone without a passcode. Download it now and give it a try!

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