RUMOR: Cover Flow coming to iPod?

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So, this video is making its way around the web. To me, it looks completely fake, although I think Cover Flow would be a cool addition to the iPod interface. Judge for yourself, but I’m not buying it just yet (the fact that Gizmodo is the source doesn’t help convince me much)…

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6 thoughts on “RUMOR: Cover Flow coming to iPod?

  1. fake i think. in my opinion apple will make cover flow an iphone-only feature at least for a while. also, on the keynote, cover flow didn’t run perfectly smooth even on the iphone processors… and now it works like a charm on a puny ipod? i think not.

  2. It is a good fake, but I dun see it happening, I can it see happening more on an widescreen ipod but not a normal 4:3

  3. so has anyone heard anymore about coverflow on ipod? is it still just a rumor or what? does anyone know?

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