YouTube Find: Get a Mac – “Now What?”

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Another “Get a Mac” Ad has popped up online. I don’t really think this one is very funny. you can see it at Apple’s official site by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “YouTube Find: Get a Mac – “Now What?”

  1. I’m a big fan of the PC/Mac commercials.

    The one thing that I’ve noticed about them is that they always seem to be 90% PC guy and 10% Mac guy. The commercial usually ends with the Mac guy giving a quick little sales pitch about something “Apple”. To you and me, we all know what a Genius Bar is, or a personal shopper, or iLife, but to someone who has never been in an Apple store, I don’t think they’d know what he was talking about. And I don’t think they’d get it from the commercial. Isn’t that the whole purpose of a commercial? I mean, just because he says, “Every Mac comes with iLife” doesn’t mesn every non-Mac user now magically knows what iLife is, or does.

    Never the less, they’re funny and I know what Apple is doing works, so I guess it’s just me.

    ….Oh, and sorry about the whole iPod thing yesterday, I was in a mood.

  2. @kyre

    Yeah – I’m not sure how well the commercials explain things either. I think they’re only successful because Hodgeman (PC) pulls the idea of PCs as “boring and nerdy” well.

    I love most of them – but I didn’t care for this one.

    Also – np on the iPod thing. 馃槢 We all go through moods.

  3. Well, this ad isn’t the best nor the funniest yet it has a clear message which is: when you buy a pc it’s pain while you are trying to choose what to buy and it’s also pain after you start using it but with a mac you buy easily (cos there are not a lot of options really) and you will certainly have a lot to do on it after you start using it. Remember? it works right out of the box. 馃檪

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