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Review: MacKeeper

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UPDATE: In response to the overwhelming number of negative comments on this review (at the bottom of this page), the company that created MacKeeper has fired back with a response, claiming that they have been the victim of an unethical competitor who’s trying to tarnish their reputation via “paid blog posts, advertisements, and an army of comment and forum spammers to make false claims and scare our potential customers.” Read all about it here.

When I was spending my days in the Windows world, I had lots of different utilities to fix broken things. There was Norton Utilities to scan for viruses, I had a defragger handy too, and all sorts of other goodies that consumed my time. Since I moved over to the Mac, I noticed that I didn’t have the same range of options for utilities. Sure, most of them were there, but they were in individual programs, not one big app. Problem was, you still need some of those utilities. Recently, MacKeeper came onboard as an advertiser here at Apple Gazette, and I was sent a free license to check out. Since I’m the guy with the brutally honest opinions here at AG, I was tasked with reviewing it. So, here it is in all it’s unabashed glory.

Why Do I Need It?

Well, that’s a good question. Most people spend their whole Mac lives working without any kind of fancy utility. But over time, things get cluttered inside your hard drive. Sure, you can delete that app by dragging it into the trash bin, but there are always little remnants floating around the library and other spots on the hard drive taking up space and slowing things down. Then there are options added by the apps themselves which aren’t needed on every computer. Taking out some of those things helps make the OS zippy again after years of functioning under the heavy load.

How Does It Work?

Fire up MacKeeper and it starts with a scan of the hard drive. This gives you an overall view of everything you can delete from there and free up space. Here’s what my first scan looked like:

My scan showed that I had 115.3GB of data that I could get rid of. Freeing up that much hard drive space seems impossible, right? Here’s how MacKeeper does it:

Binaries Cutter – Lots of programs are a universal binary, meaning that they can run on both Intel and non-Intel machines. You’ll only ever need one binary per machine, so why keep the other one floating around?

Cache Cleaner – Sometimes the OS moves files around to make it faster to access. Thing is, they get cluttered over time and can slow down the system. This frees up the space.

Duplicates Finder – This is pretty self explanatory. If it’s a dupe, it can be removed.

Languages Cutter – Unless your name is Franky, chances are you don’t speak 14 languages including a rare Klingon dialect. This removes the other languages from your OS and apps, freeing up space.

Logs Cleaner – Apps can put log files on the computer to help move things along. As is to be expected, it’s not necessary to have all of them forever, so this helps to clean them out.

Old Files Cleaner – Haven’t used something for a while? Get rid of them.

What Else Does It Do?

How about removing old programs? App Zapper is so popular because it removes all of the components of the programs installed on your Mac. MacKeeper has that same function in their program, making removing old programs a dream. There’s also a data encryptor, a shredder to really get rid of old files, and an undelete just in case you screwed up and trashed that important file. Then there’s also an anti-theft system, Geek on Demand and ZeoDisk for online storage. It’s got a ton of stuff in here, that’s for sure.

What’s the Verdict?

I did have a few things come up that seemed a bit weird. One file – Dodgeball the Movie – came up as an old file that I hadn’t used in 3 months. I only bought it last month, so I’m not sure why that was that way. But on the flip side, it found an old movie I had been looking for as well, lost deep in the recesses of my computer. Point is, make sure you double check before you randomly delete files. And if you do delete one or 12, use undelete through MacKeeper or Time Machine to get it back.

A lot of times, programs such as this are pretty pricey. MacKeeper is only $39.95, and you can get an additional 30% off if you follow some of the tips on their purchasing page. That said, it’s a subscription based system, so you’re going to pay that money every year to keep things up to date. Is it worth the price? I think so, particularly if you use your Mac for your primary computer. If you use it for occasional web browsing, this might not be quite as important a purchase. But frankly, App Zapper is $12.95, and MacKeeper has that and over $25 of additional value, so it makes sense. I’d purchase it for my MBP – my primary computer – but I’d probably pass on my iMac, since it’s primarily an FTP/Storage machine.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

104 thoughts on “Review: MacKeeper

  1. MacKeeper is running spambots on IRC, spamming channels with the url and more BS.

    1. MacKeeper is definitely a scam. After I installed it, a lot of strange functions started happening. It screwed with MS Word pulling up windows of recent files. You click on the one you want to open and then it puts another, different file on top of the one you requested to open. This had never happened before.

      My MAC slowed down as well. MacKeeper is just bad news; stay away from it. Why buy a program that not only claims to repair your computer but screws it up as well??

  2. Hello.
    I am Serge Sosnyak and I work for ZeoBIT LLC. I want to tell you that we are not a spam company. Somebody uses our referral links for getting free license of MacKeeper. We have seen the problem and now we are working on solving it.

  3. Correspondence with zeobit

    Please delete the following file:


    It’s still running…

    09.11.10 14:19:28[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[274]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:19:28[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:19:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[275]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:19:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[275]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:19:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:19:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[276]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:19:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[276]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:19:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:19:58[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[277]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:19:58[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[277]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:19:58[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:20:08[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[279]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:20:08[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[279]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:20:08[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:20:18[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[280]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:20:18[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[280]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:20:18[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:20:28[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[281]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:20:28[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[281]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:20:28[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:20:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[282]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:20:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[282]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:20:38[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
    09.11.10 14:20:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[283]) posix_spawn(“/Users/rl 2/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/”, …): No such file or directory
    09.11.10 14:20:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper[283]) Exited with exit code: 1
    09.11.10 14:20:48[197] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds


    Am 09.11.2010 um 13:04 schrieb

    Hi and thank you for showing interest in our product.

    Please delete the following file:

    It should help.

    Thank you for cooperation,
    ZeoBit customer support department.

    1. Hello René ,

      please accept our apologies for the issue you’ve faced, we’ve payed attention to the dissatisfaction of MacKeeper’s users with the process of uninstalling. Indeed, it wasn’t perfect – while dragging MacKeeper to the trash there was a pop-up window asking a permission to delete All the components of the app – and in case it wasn’t done, the logs shown above appeared. Glad to report version 1.0.3 includes an uninstaller requiring no effort at all to uninstall the app.
      Thank you for helping to improve MacKeeper pointing at its drawbacks.

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    2. Having downloaded it today, and found it spent more time communicating with your company about what was in my system, than actually doing the job suggested, to say I am a little concerned is an understatement.

      I have now trashed it, but I note even the comments that it now contains an uninstall fuction do not appear to be borne out by the facts, as the suggestion that it gives you the function to uninstill is not in keeping with my experience today, where I trashed the latest version, and no diagnostic at all to uninstall it, but where it just went into the trash, so I have no guarantees its off of my system, let alone what on earth it was doing all the time it was communicating my system parameters to your company when it should have been cleaning up my system.

  4. I have had MacKeeper for 2 weeks now and iTunes became UNUSABLE due to constant hanging beach balls with every mouse click. Especially when connecting my iPhone. After doing every possible maintenance chore including booting my iMac from the Leopard CD and Repairing Permissions on the hard drive – nothing worked.

    What fixed this issue?

    Dragging MacKeeper from the AP folder to the Trash. Restarting computer and emptying trash. Itunes now works perfect again!

    I am a moron for already purchasing MacKeeper- I was scammed by them.

    I CANNOT RECOMMEND MACKEEPER. I would be all ears – if they can fix this problem permanently

    1. I just installed MacKeeper to find out that you need a subscription plan – and then after some time gets some strange messages (thanks to Virus Barrier X6) that something on the computer (MacBook Air) is trying to send my telephone number out over the net. Found that there was some Mackeeper script that was constantly running. [also received a very strange telephone call from a company I do not know of.)

      Delete all files related to this app:

      Issue seems to bee gone after that.

    2. Hello Wfcperrine!

      I would like to inform you that new version of MacKeeper 1.0.3 contains numerous enhancements and bug fixes so your problem is already solved and I would like to thank you for pointing our attention to it.

      As for your dissatisfaction because of you’ve already purchased the app but had problems with it – accept our apologies for that issue and act as you want – you may continue using the app as the issue is fixed or ask for a moneyback as MacKeeper offers the whole Year to do it!!! So it’s up to you

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    3. I’m having trouble understand how your job title gives you any credibility.
      All I see is excuses and empty promises saying your fixing your problems

    4. All I can say: using MacKeeper for several months now, no problem whatsoever with iTunes.

  5. MacKeeper is making my Mac run dog slow. Be aware that every function that this piece of software performs is done under wine (its all done in Windows emulation mode). This is actually a windows application running under a Windows virtual machine. The Real-time protection is unusable on a laptop and its painful on a dual quad core desktop because any code that you run and (especially) anything that you download gets slowed down because it all has to go thru this emulation process. If you don’t believe me, try the demo and watch the 4 wine processes and the wineserver with the activity monitor when you turn on real-time protection. Try visiting a few web pages and watch your CPU usage go to 100% and stay there. I’m very unhappy with this product and I have not gotten an answer as to why everything is run in emulation mode, I can only assume that they are Windows programmers and that’s all they know.

    1. Hello Ed,

      I would like to persuade you MacKeeper has been developed by Mac programmers, the usage of Wine is explained with the fact that it archives and .dmg files are checked under it, besides, soon we will start using new engine so there won’t be any slowdowns at all

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    2. Thanks, Ed and Sana. I now understand this “wine” thing in the CPU usage, which was very confusing to me because I also have a Wineskin Winery disc image installed to run a PC-only app. Digging in the package of MacKeeper had revealed a Windows-like structure alike, for all purposes, that of Wineskin. However, running MacKeeper (and its real-time protection) since last February on a MBP 3.06 GHz Core i2 Due and since April on a MBP 2.3 GHz Core i7, I haven’t noticed the slightest slowdown. But, granted, it does rev up my CPU usage (and fans) to 80-100% every now and then.

  6. zeoBIT/MacKeeper is a SCAM.
    Put that at the TOP of your list here AppleGazette- and pass it around to every other unsuspecting Macuser.
    Spammers, scammers, and parading around in a concerted effort as it were.
    If it’s too good to be true, it’s a LIE.

    It’s NOT ‘free’- (it’s a tease to get the suspect program onto your machine.)
    Once you DL it and run it, it STOPS about 1/3 the way through and takes you to a place where you have to BUY a license (one of three choices.) Cheapest is $40.00- which is way too much to spend on it.
    ‘zeoBIT’? Dropped out of the ether all of a sudden??

    So, if they say the word “FREE” and it’s NOT- then they’re probably LYING about everything else too.
    SCAMMERS- probably stealing your important data while you’ve given them full and unencumbered access to your files.


    I ran it on a G4 laptop just to see what it’s doing.
    Sure, it finds outdated stuff and stacks it in a pile for you (them) to delete, but why’s it keep hitting the comm line when the program is self contained on the HD? Some kind of answer back to HQ? hmmm, now, why does it do that?
    I got to the truncated/interrupted ‘message’ for going back to their site to buy the license and stopped everything—- or, so I thought.
    MacKeeper is still grinding along in the background— but you don’t see it on the GUI. (Leave Terminal open to see this.)
    Something’s fishy in Russia— so watch out folks!

    Apple Gazette should put a WARNING out about it rather than endorse it (in its simple, unprofessional fashion) — all for the FREE license the liars sent you?
    Real shame you’re such a cheap lay.
    Your rep is degraded by the company you keep.

    Copy this, pass it around to any Mac forum or site you know- if only to curtail the threat Mackeeper and zeoBIT present.
    SHUT ‘EM DOWN and for your own GOOD- don’t even try it.

    1. Hello HectorR,

      Please accept our apologies for the negative experience you’ve had with our app but all the bugs you are writing about have been already fixed in the version 1.0.3

      MacKeeper is a shareware and it offers Free 15-days full-functional trial giving everyone an opportunity to test the product first. Besides, we offer One Year Moneyback so if the customer isn’t satisfied he will definitely save his money.

      So as you can see, MacKeeper does a little more than other apps – then it doesn’t seem to be strange it’s received a positive feedback. And one more thing – MacKeeper has been approved by Apple –

      Personally I’m totally sure that APPL performes a thorough check of every third party app before approving and Steve Jobs will never let scammers present an app in the Mac App Store.

      So as you can see our company is NOT Scam – if you don’t believe in all the reviews, all the awards MacKeeper’s received –
      all the positive feedbacks from our customers on Facebook
      and Twitter pages!/MacKeeper
      and from well-known fans of Apple who visited MacWorld 2011 where MacKeeper took part in-
      if you don’t even believe Applegazette – don’t you believe Apple too???

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    2. “Free 15-days full-functional trial” MacKeeper is definitely not fully functional trial for 15 minutes, much less 15 days. I installed it today to use the File Recovery Feature. It found the file I was looking for, but when I tried to recover it, I found myself required to “activate” the software.

      The website ( that recovering files is FREE. It’s anything but. This whole thing smells of a bait and switch. I will post this comment on as many blog posts as possible. Stay away from MacKeeper.

      BTW, if you want a truly FREE solution to recovering deleted files on a Mac, take a look at Don’t let the fact that it runs in the terminal scare you, no command typing is necessary.

  7. i just downloaded the trial version ( which was a “lucky” thing ) started my first scan, showed a few results…then i get the grey screen of death….and now that is all i get from my mac, very worried now. all i can say that it does not look promising and if you guys are mentioning other problems and difficulties, than i do think this program is just an accident waiting to happen.

    1. Hello Bennnn,

      MacKeeper is unable to caused kernel panic at all – that’s why it’s very unlikely to be the reason of your problem. You should look for another cause – I think we can help you in this – so just describe what’s happened in details and send to or you may also use Geek on Demand tool as well.

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

  8. The reviewer even says that “Recently, MacKeeper came onboard as an advertiser here at Apple Gazette”. There’s your first clue that s/he is being paid to promote this product, not offer an unbiased opinion. Who’s going to piss off a client that’s paying money to place their product here?

    1. Hello TKTuttle,

      Just want to say all the reviews MacKeeper receives are based on the objective testing of our app – and the reviewers just share their experience of giving MacKeeper a try. We’ve never payed for creating a review and will never do it.

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    2. Hello Casual Observer,

      We do offer different resources to write a review about MacKeeper but it’s completely up to them what to write – they just express their point of view on our app and the fact the review is positive just shows that the reviewers have appreciated the experience they had using MacKeeper.

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

  9. I’m wary of any software company that advertises so heavily, and it seems they’re quite pro-spam as it is, offering people a slice of the pie for sales, etc. The massive number of “testimonials” is also a red flag to me. How hard do you think it is to create a bunch of fake Facebook accounts? Basically these guys are trying too hard. Anyway, I saw one of their ads, and thought I’d check them out.

    Most of the features listed on their website looks great, until you look a little deeper.

    Antivirus: Totally unnecessary. I’m a very long-term Mac OS X user, highly technical, well informed, and I am aware of exactly one Mac OS X virus, which effects only a very old version of Safari, and was fixed in a patch years ago. The virus, I should point out, required you to purposefully run it, and didn’t really work that well anyway. Yes, there are security vulnerabilities in Mac OS X. No anti-virus software will fix any of those. If you run Software Update, you’ll get patches direct from Apple that fix those vulnerabilities. Again, there are no Mac viruses, or believe me, you’d have heard about them from all the windows fanboys wanting to rub it in our faces.

    Anti-Theft: Perhaps an actually useful feature, but there are plenty of other applications for this. Some are even free. Do yourself a favor and look around.

    Data Encryptor: Security through obscurity is no security at all. I should really be able to leave it at that, but in addition, they provide no technical details on how they encrypt your data. That’s a HUGE red flag. Instead, use the encryption built right into Mac OS X, coming in industry standard AES-128 and AES-256. Apple isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how they encrypt your data, unlike these guys, because their encryption is backed up by the NSA for Top Secret information. Never trust a proprietary or unlisted encryption scheme.

    Undelete: Perhaps an actually useful feature, but again there are plenty of other applications for this. Do yourself a favor and look around first.

    Backup: Apple gives you this for free with Time Machine, in a much, much nicer implementation.

    Shredder: Apple gives you this for free in Finder, and in Disk Utility. No need for a new app.

    Fast Cleanup: I’ve seen other free apps do this. You’ll only have extra languages to delete if you installed them already (easy solution: don’t install them to begin with). The log files won’t save you much space at all, anyway, and compulsive deletion may come to hurt you if you run into problems (those logs exist for tech support purposes). The only real place you’ll save on space is in removing PPC parts of Universal Binaries. Bear in mind though, this might screw up future patches for those applications, and at any rate, PPC hasn’t been supported in a while now by Apple and Universal Binaries are disappearing on their own.

    Disk Usage: Probably the stupidest app I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure anybody could figure out the size of their files without it.

    Duplicates Finder: May actually be useful, but only if you are exceedingly sloppy and make copies of things for no reason. Be very very careful using this anyway, because you might delete a new version and keep an old version. There may be dependancies on both duplicates, and on and on.

    Files Finder: Another useless feature, as this functionality is built right into Mac OS X via Finder and Spotlight.

    Wise Uninstaller: I’ve seen free apps do this, but really, it’s an unnecessary feature. If you’re so desperate for space on your hard drive that a few kilobytes saved from an old prefs file is a big deal, you’ve got bigger problems.

    Update Tracker: It seems this murders people’s applications. It is always preferable to run Apple’s built-in Software Update, and then update all your third-party applications yourself, in the way those third-parties intended.

    Login Items: This is built right into Mac OS X in your System Preferences. This probably wins the award as most useless feature in this whole suite.

    Default Apps: This is built right into Finder.

    Now, there’s maybe one or two valid features in the entire thing. Mostly what they do is take existing features of your operating system and put it in one place, and make you pay for the privilege. Add in their aggressive marketing, the fact it uses wine (classic half-assed windows developers trying to cash in on gullible Mac users), and the reports of horrible system performance after installing this crap, and well, do you really want to deal with it?

    I couldn’t find a listed price on their website anywhere. They make you think it’s free, get you to download it on a bunch of empty promises, and then nail you. Avoid this like the plague if you know what’s good for you. Everything about this stinks.

    1. Hello Walter,

      thanks for your feedback as you’ve pointed out attention at the need to describe the difference between MacKeeper’s tools & the similar apps – the fact they perform the same task doesn’t mean they perform it in the same way & with the same quality.

      For example why there are so many apps similar to Spotlight? That’s cause sometimes Spotlight is unable to help & you need some additional functions or more searching abilities. And the same situation concerns the majority of free tools – the paid analogues just offer more.

      Besides, you’ve mentioned you were unable to find the pricing at our site – that’s completely Not True – visit
      & you can easily make sure in it. And one more thing – the license of MacKeeper is for a lifetime with the paid-for-a-year antivirus updates only.

      As for testimonials at Facebook & Twitter – we’ve received them from the real fans of our app & you can easily check it out – just contact them. Isn’t it the advantage of social media – the ability to ask people in person about what they think on different points?

      Speaking about reviews they Aren’t Fake – we ask different resources to take a look at our app and to say what they think about it – and those who’ve considered MacKeeper to be worthy their attention have reviewed our app and we really appreciate that.

      Hope I’ve cleared several points concerning MacKeeper you were unaware about.

      Best regards,
      Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist

    2. No one needs this program who couldn’t otherwise do with a slightly larger hard drive at the same or lessor expense. Those log files this program deletes would, if you didn’t delete them, tell you what this program is up to. The Cache and other files you delete will slow down your web browsing, and, if you let it delete “old” applications you might find yourself sort some very important software that you’d then have to reinstall once you had to get some work done.

      And this doesn’t even count what it MAY be doing under the hood.

      This software company DOES sound like a social engineering experiment designed to determine how many foolish Mac Users they can get to dance on the head of a greased and sharpened pole, and as a result, how many slide down that pool with it tucked up between their legs running up their waste disposal site ala Vlad Tepes.

      Folks, if you want to be safe, and it doesn’t appear on the MacOS X download store, don’t download and run it unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure. At least you know the stuff at the OS X App Store site has at least theoretically been vetted by professions. Let these people put THIS application up there and see if it gets by Apple’s engineers. If it doesn’t then you KNOW something is more than a bit off about their software.

  10. I down loaded this trial program 1.03 after reading reviews on Apple’s App web site. I used it once and decided I could live without it. I tried to uninstall it but got a MacKeeper popup window asking my why did I want to install it? It also informed me that I might need a password? Went through my e-mails and could find no Zeobit password. When I clicked the MacKeeper uninstall bar I got a Apple pop up window that read “MacKeeper uninstaller app needs your password”! In the last five years I’ve owned and Apple I’ve never gotten a pop-up window that named the app I wanted to uninstall. I got very suspicious and no way was I going send them my Mac’s administrative password. I called Zeobit tec support and was told by the rep that the only way it could be uninstalled was if I typed in my password! She insisted this was normal if I wanted to uninstall the program. I asked her if she would give a stranger her computers administrative password? She refused to help me and was very frosty. I finally after 15 minutes of getting the run-around, I asked to speak to her boss and informed him I would be on the phone to Apple about Zeobit. It was only then that he told me how to do the uninstall, bypassing the faux MacKeeper/ Apple ‘password’ window. It worked but I learned my lesson, never trust Mac App Software to keep you safe (read the disclaimers) and never download a program from this company. I’m glad I found this website before I bought the program and the farm.

  11. I’ll have to say, I doubt several folks would go to the trouble to write all the comments I see here if their complaints weren’t valid. I’ve been a Mac network admin for 20 years and this looks like enough upheaval to keep me from touching this product. Sorry, MacKeeper.

    1. This “company” is a serious danger.
      Do your research. ALL of the many reviews on it are fakes they created themselves or paid for.
      Trojan Virus? it does not matter what you call it.
      Serge how is it in Russia today?
      WHY DO YOU want to infect our computers and get our private information?
      The apple store took a look (genius bar) and trembled.
      Spread the word. This bot and other applications involved are serious security threats not to mention how slow the computer now works and all the other things we have not diagnosed yet.
      It used to be so reassuring that Macs did not get “viruses” but with mackeeper you can and do get something quite new.. and you dont want it.

  12. Hard to tell whether this is a company or just pure spam. reality is that after i installed the software and decided not to buy the plan, multiple functions are simply not working anymore, to the point where i will have to reinstall my OS. please do not install this. i am not associated with any competitor company, just a regular user, and so am just speaking out of my own experience. do not install this piece of garbage.

  13. I really hate this stupid program. I read about it somewhere & thought, ok, my laptop is getting a bit old, some maintenance might help. I downloaded the free version & it was ok, it seemed, but to do certain functions I needed to spend $40. What I had seen so far was useful, & the rest sounded good. I signed up.

    Since then I have wasted so much time! Just today I restarted my computer about 8 times. My browser hangs, Itunes hangs…it’s a nightmare. I have zero efficiency & can’t count on a thing. This morning I ran upstairs to send a quick email before breakfast. I should have taken about 2 minutes. Instead 1/2 hour later my husband was calling up the stairs to see what happened to me. I’d been watching those spinning wheels, force quitting apps, restarting. It’s been hell. I’ll tell everyone & every blog I know it’s rotten. $40 bucks wasted!

  14. I installed this little program today, and all I can say is it’s a bunch of crap. After scanning, I got two ‘major issues’ with my security on my computer. And what was it? I hadn’t installed your stupid antivirus software. What is this, a windows app? And hell, you take a lot of liberty communicating my system information to you company. I’m glad I had CleanApp installed to remove this kind of crap immediately.

  15. On the other side of this argument, I’ve been using mackeeper for the last 3 months and think its great. Yes, it runs Wine, which I think is stupid. The mackeeper helper also goes crazy every few days, using 99% of the CPU.

    These are all things that should have been worked out before the product was released, but none the less, it DOES do what it says it will do: trim binaries, empty cashes, update programs etc….

    If you think just because I’m the one person thats not bashing the company, that I have some sort of connection with them, thats complete bullshit.

    I simply pay them $40/year and they provide me with a service that is reliable (for the most part, but they claim to be working on making it native)

  16. From the install to the uninstall, a very scary program. Once you download, the install starts automatically. Once you open it the scan starts on its own. I tried a few features, each one kept asking me to buy a license, where is the 15 day trial mentioned above? This is the first time I have been on this website, but, the warning seem accurate. The uninstall surprised me. I have been a Mac user for over 20 years, never, EVER has a program asked me why I want to delete it once I move it into the trash. It feels like a bait and switch, and it appears to want to scare people into buying the application – it’s just a bad experience, and mind you, we aren’t even talking about how the software works!!! They are currently advertising on the website.

  17. This is a very dodgy program, thanks to the comments here I managed to escape relatively unscathed. DO NOT install it, and applegazette you should be ashamed of yourselves, how do you vet advertisers?
    I cant belive NY times and mashable are carrying their advertising as well. I suggest contact the companies and complaining.

  18. This is probably the worst review of a product I have ever read! It looks like it could have been cut-and-pasted from the Zeobit website.

    I’ve also never seen a review where a product has been so roundly criticised by so many commentators.

    If this whole review, and the comments that accompany it, doesn’t ring alarm bells with anyone planning to use this software, then they deserve what’s coming.

    Fair-do’s to Sana, though, for talking a good game. But on this one, the game is up.

  19. Thanks for the posts. I ALMOST installed this, after it popped up “FREE” “CLEAN YOUR MAC” etc. ALMOST. IT Looked FREE Thanks. You saved me before I Started the install, and only to get charged! bobby

    1. I have been a Mac user for about 3 years now and love that it has not problems. I have seen the MacKeeper ad everywhere and thought I would look into it. I read 2 reviews, this one being the second one, and thought I’m gonna get it, then I looked down and saw the first review and now after reading all of them, even Jmay’s review which tries positive is not a good review. Thanks to all of you for posting and saving this Mac dummy. Sound to me like this should be called MacPC turn your wonderful Mac into a time eating, brain smashing PC for $40.

      Thanks but no thanks.

  20. I may be wrong, even as a Mac user for the past 17 years, and a user of two other OS’s for 10 years before that, but…

    For contractual reasons with clients in the corporate PC world, I have to have an AV application. ClamXav and Sophos, independently, caused me way too much trouble, and I considered MacKeeper. Before purchasing it last February, I looked into others’ opinions on the net. One of the results is that I am as flabbergasted now as I was then at the level of insulting and misleading stuff hurled at MacKeeper, not to mention the downright false information posted by some, or the century-old Anglo racism towards Russians (yet, if these Anglos knew something about anything, they’d know that the people behind MacKeeper are from Ukraine – but they’re all commies, ain’t they?)

    I’ve experienced trolling of the kind I’m reading above on countless forums discussing sensitive political issues, but I had never seen it on a Mac forum, nor on any tech forum for that matter. It would been enlightening for the rest of us if that/those poster(s) came out of the wood, or the woods, and told us what motivates it/he/she/them to go on bashing this app.

    My experience so far, and it’s been a few month, is the same as Jmay’s above, on June 9th, so there’s nothing to add there.

    I’ve only had one problem, and it’s been with their support. Because the application update function also scans an external disk where I have Tiger installed, it reports as out-of-date some apps that either cannot be updated under Tiger or that I can’t be bothered updating. I asked them how I could tell MacKeeper not to scan that external disk. First I got a reply from someone that hadn’t even read my mail properly (typical, in our world), then no reply at all for a long time. It ended up curiously with the person at the other end asking my authorisation for their techies to remotely “enter” my computer – with my participation and under my observation. I’m not overly paranoid, but considering how unimportant the issue is (and how irrelevant their suggestion seems to be to it) and above all that my clients would kill me if they knew such a thing was taking place, I have denied them the access they requested. So far, I’m using a work-around, and that’s switching off the external harddisk before scanning for app updates.

    1. Here’s my crazy, wild-assed guess: They’re bashing the app because they used it and it messed up their system, just like they said. Or is that too obvious?

  21. I use my mac for creative purposes; adobe creative suite, maya etc etc… I was about to install this software because out of no where, one of my 3D programs alter the settings of my car models when I reopen the file, so I figured I could use software like this which looked free…. So when I was about to type in the password to make changes, clean up the cache, duplicates, “viruses” after it scanned my computer, I checked theses posts and I am so thankful I did. Seeing what people had to say before actually letting this monster do whatever it wants on my machine was the smartest move I made all month!

    Thank you all for spending the time to warn potential victims of something that shouldn’t even exist…. really. It also seems like sana doesn’t have much to say anymore either… she did try and kudos to the effort but yes, just like Scott said, the game is clearly up!

    The question is what software is free, reliable and not dangerous for performing these kinds of tasks!?

  22. Thanks to all the martyrs, you saved me just one step before I pushed the installation button. There may be some positive reviews in this thread, but vox populi, vox dei!

  23. I am a new Mac user and as Mac users go, I have been looking into the numerous applications available. I stumbled upon Mac Keeper and of course researched their reviews.

    This is the first website where I’ve seen a most heated discussion. After reading thru all of your reviews, it seems to me, the most negative responses are from people who:
    1) Did not expect that there would actually be a price to pay for so many services. (DUH cheapskate!)
    2) Installed the earliest version of the software. (Sorry but first come, first serve!)
    3) Think there is some kind of conspiracy theory going on because the Ukrainian customer service technicians need constant communication with your computer information to deal with all your complaints! (Have a little faith people!)
    4) have laptops that are too damn old! ( You probably had so much excess baggage, the slightest attempt to fix it would have caused a breakdown anyway.. Change is inevitable!)

    I may sound naive, but some of you are just so negative! It sounds as if it’s not even just about the product, but about how you see things in life. I started reading the reviews hoping for positive feedback, but even my excitement faltered after reading so much shallow negativity. For example:
    on juan says:
    April 29, 2011 at 11:35 pm
    I’m having trouble understand how your job title gives you any credibility.
    All I see is excuses and empty promises saying your fixing your problems,

    Saba did a good job and argued very strong points in response to all your complaints, yet even those who have never tried the product refused to acknowledge those arguments and were instantly won over by negative remarks. It’s as if they were already looking for a negative reaction to go on from the start! No wonder he stopped writing back! You guys are mean old farts!

    One thing Ill say to Saba is, why are you so focused on the negative remarks? You have two somewhat positive reviews from Jmay and Tingo! You should always follow up on the positive! It would encourage them to defend your product with more vigor rather than such a neutral tone.

    Anyway, I’m going to try this product! I hope it works out! But if it doesn’t, it would never give me the right to be rude or stay negative about all other products out there! Lighten up people! Life is too short and oh-so-wonderful!

  24. This thingjust trashed my macbook. constantly getting the hard shutdown and restart message. got in for long enough to try and delete and the ing is running in the background but not showing on the force quit applications screen – if this was a proper program, why would they hide it? Has taken a lot of work to delete it. AVOID.

  25. I’m not a mac genius like many folks here but I have been using this program for a month now. Here’s what I’ve experienced.

    First off I had to solve some problems I found using Disk Utility. it suggested I had some major problems that couldn’t be solved in regular running mode. I was having lots of crashes, freezes and many beach balls before installation, so I had to start from the start up disk to fix those. It did.

    I bought and installed MacKeeper and have had no issues with any performance items on my 3 year old iMac and it seems to be running quicker?

    The majority of reviews I see above are a bit scary and I must admit they have me thinking I need to re-think keeping the program but as I said I’ve had the reverse of the nightmares listed above, so far.


    XEObit has invested a lot of resources to essentially rip people off (like replying to these posts), and is making buckets of money doing so through a well-orchestrated scam. The telltale sign is all the fake awards buttons on the homepage – a illegal practice that cannot be easily prosecuted when executed overseas. Don’t be stupid – do your research.

  27. Hi, I made the mistake of installing this and then gave it permission to fix my ‘problems’. It then asked me for money and I said no – deleted the application and emptied my trash. My Mac now runs ridiculously slowly and I fear MacKeeper is the reason. Does anyone know how to wipe this devilish program from my machine completely or is it a matter of reinstalling OS etc? I which case, I’m very annoyed and deeply dislike Zeobit.

    1. I wish I had looked closer to threads like this before I loaded the demo. The demo halting 1/3 into the cleaning to ask for payment was the first flag for me. I immediately uninstalled the demo. Forgot the thing. A few days later, I made some online business CC purchases, the next morning 6 charges were made to my CC for escort and dating sites. I never use those sites or go to the “other side of the tracks” on the internet. I had not downloaded any other program or large data file from the net since mackeeper. Can I prove it was that, no, but I would never load anything from zeosoft or another demo without checking it on a few discussion threads first.
      Stay away.

  28. SCAM PEOPLE…. you are letting someone get into deep personal areas of your HD. Were you born under a rock? NEVER INSTALL THESE THINGS. I don’t care if they are Ukranian or American, a scam is a scam.

  29. The app’s been up and running for how many years now? I srsly doubt there’s any major, threatening or substantial breach of privacy going on. If people’s credit card details and Macs were being hacked with serious consequences (with ANY illegal / threatening consequences) left, right and centre, there’d be a whole lot more noise (and a whole lot more action) than there has been.

    Having said this, I’m here because MacKeeper set ALL my alarm bells ringing. I’ve just migrated from Windows, and getting *antivirus* pop-ups making grand claims about cleaning up your machine is a first-rate alarm-bell-ringer. I didn’t ask for this pop-up. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t trust this programme at all.

    I’ll well believe it’s a money-maker. I’ll well believe it’s a pretty duff app. I certainly haven’t installed it.

    But I’m also unconvinced that the consequences of installing it are THAT intrusively awful. wrt monumental / properly nasty consequences, at least…

    1. The biggest giveaway is in the way this “Sana” communicates: random capitalization of words, missing adverbs, repeating elementary sounding catch phrases in every response. Not being a grammar nazi, but anybody who’s been around the web should be able to spot this sort of “scammer language” a mile away. Any reputable company would only send out top-notch communicators as their face to the public.

    2. A top-notch communicator would not use a term like “grammar nazi.” It is absolutely disgusting that anyone would flippantly equate a person who pays attention to the rules of grammar to the perpetrators of genocide.

  30. DONT DOWNLOAD FK Mackeeper! i have macbook pro and everything were so fast and neat until i downloaded/installed mackeeper and cause/fk my macbook up and SLOW! im pissed off! mackeeper is SCAM! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. FUCK MACKEEPER!

  31. New version (1.8) of MacKeeper is now available, seems to run without Wine. I haven’t noticed any improvements, but then I wasn’t experiencing any problems either. I also have a MacBookPro, the only slowdown I ever noticed was a hicup of sorts when downloaded packages (dmg, zip, rar etc.) were getting scanned in real time. I guess people have very different MacBooks.

    1. Just want to say that my daughter installed this programme and was very unhappy with it. She uninstalled it and now we cannot get a refund. Have sent numerous e-mails with the invoice enclosed and no reply. i have really lost my temper with these people. Cleverbridge are taking the money for these people and now i am going to Trading Standards to try to get this scam stopped

  32. How the fuck do you Zeobit pricks live with yourselves?! You’ve got all this trash software loaded and half unloaded on god knows how many peoples machines all over the world – with no clearly defined benefits – most sold on a lie that the software is “Free” – on the back of “5 star” recommendations hired gun bullshit sites like Tucows (who obviously share a similar moral compass!) – And all Zeobit do is tell us all its OK! I loaded this stupid thing.. based on the first LIE from Zeobit – that said it was free – It is nothing like free of course because the first thing was I got hit with was the purchase price! Because of the fact that the company is obviously so suspect – (expecting their customers to accept a bare faced lie just to purchase the product!) – i uninstalled immediately. Or so i thought. It took some time with bullshit claims about risks etc as I did so but glad I did based on the hundreds of horror stories Ive read online. And so i thought all was well as all traces appeared to be gone.. But every now and then my machine is hijacked by a mackeeper advertisement so its well buried in there somewhere. Now Im worried about what sorts of spyware lie with it…? Wish Apple would get off their ass and show a bit of leadership with this sort of thing, as Zeobit dont seem to be a remotely ethical operator – DO NOT DOWNLOAD MACKEEPER – Unethical company and Unlikely you’ll ever truly get rid of it – Youve been warned

  33. Please, Please, DO NOT BUY MACKEEPER. my daughter bought this programme for her Mac and it really messed up what used to be a computer that was a pleasure to use. Trying to get a refund has proved to be a horrifying experience. They promise a refund for any reason within 12 months of purchase. Did you ever see a promise like this before? No because the promise is BULLSHIT. Trying to get a refund has been a nightmare. ZEOBIT use a third party processing company called CLEVERBRIDGE. This allows CLEVERBRIDGE to claim they cannot refund money without permission from ZEOBIT. Yet they have no problem taking the money from your account. I have been using the net for 0ver 15 years and i have never known such a horrifying experience as dealing with ZEOBIT and CLEVERBRIDGE. I will not give up the fight i am contacting the authorities in California to file a formal complaint against ZEOBIT not only for their failure to refund my money, but also for selling software that does not work as promised. I am also going to file a County Court claim in the U.K against CLEVERBRIDGE.
    I will never buy another purchase off any company that uses CLEVERBRIDGE as its processing company.

  34. Please, Please, DO NOT BUY MACKEEPER. my daughter bought this programme for her Mac and it really messed up what used to be a computer that was a pleasure to use. Trying to get a refund has proved to be a horrifying experience. They promise a refund for any reason within 12 months of purchase. Did you ever see a promise like this before? No because the promise is BULLSHIT. Trying to get a refund has been a nightmare. ZEOBIT use a third party processing company called CLEVERBRIDGE. This allows CLEVERBRIDGE to claim they cannot refund money without permission from ZEOBIT. Yet they have no problem taking the money from your account. I have been using the net for 0ver 15 years and i have never known such a horrifying experience as dealing with ZEOBIT and CLEVERBRIDGE. I will not give up the fight i am contacting the authorities in California to file a formal complaint against ZEOBIT not only for their failure to refund my money, but also for selling software that does not work as promised. I am also going to file a County Court claim in the U.K against CLEVERBRIDGE.
    I will never buy another purchase off any company that uses CLEVERBRIDGE as its processing company.

  35. I am quite amazed that this software is still on the market. If it were a prescription drug, the FDA would have demanded that it be removed from the shelves. I bout a copy for my home iMAC. I saw no increase in speed, but it did find and remove a “Threat”, and also removed duplicate files, log files, and cached files.
    For some reason, I purchased and installed it on my work iMAC. This was a huge mistake. It slowed my machine to a crawl. Programs took minutes just to open, and using the applications was near impossible. I sent an email last night to MacKeeper explaining the problem, and have yet to hear from them. I had our in-hose computer person (They are knowledgable, but we use an outside IT firm) look at it and suggested they call the 1-800# to request suggestions from Mackeeper. They were not able to get through to anyone. They ended up uninstalling Mackeeper which helped tremendously, but my machine is far from performing as it did before being corrupted by this program. The IT company almost laughed when we told them the situation. They are going to rebuild the machine from scratch. I did read stories similar to mine before purchasing the software, but innocently assumed it was due to an earlier release of the program. There are websites that look legitimate that boast the incredible functionality of Mackeeper. If they are legitimate, I suggest that they try a product our before promoting it. In the future, I will have the IT experts tune my machine for maximum performance.

  36. MacKeeper is for mugs. If you installed it, you’ve got what was coming to you, because they saw you coming a mile away….. They make cash from fools, like the people on here who bought it.

    1. (Thanks so much for your sympathetic support.) My logic was that it seemed cheaper than the insurance increase that would be sure to come if my lap top was stolen. I am not a computer geek but an artist. I found a few sites full of praise and I actually looked at a few of them on this one. I just didn’t look at all of them. Yes I feel foolish, but I think someone should catch these criminals before they bilk more people!

  37. The moment i can buy a cd/dvd-rom in a store, i will pay for and hope it will be as promising as it seemed, but a friend of mine used it, his macbook pro went bananas we went to the store and THE APPLE STORE told us that zeobit is a sc*m (I’m typing it like this because i bet the positive/defensive reactions are bots) and applegazette probably as well, the moment a store sells it it means its checked by more people then just the company that sells it before the product gets to you, and if something went wrong neutral people will check what happened

  38. Thanks to all the correspondents who clearly articulated their personal experience with this product, it’s thanks to them that I didn’t press the “free” install button this morning when it leapt into my life. (I do take exception to those who chose to use foul language however, it’s unnecessary as the experiences and observations tell the story.

    To those who have attacked the messengers with their claims of this product and company being great – “Who are You?!” Even if you aren’t working for zeobit what an insult to belittle those who have had appalling results from this product which clearly makes outrageous claims and uses dodgy methods to lock you in. Thanks to these people I won’t be sucked into a world like the PC one I used to inhabit which was full of filth and deception.

    To you who claim you had good results I think of the support for a local surgeon whose clear negligence resulted in deaths and ongoing issues for some of his patients and ended in court and on the front pages. These “friends” ganged up to publically support the surgeon with stories of how they hadn’t died on the operating table – I urge you to reconsider your support for a company which is using dodgy methods to lock people into an unnecessary and clearly dangerous utility. I hope Apple take action to keep the good name of the Apple products and apps.

  39. Zeobit/MacKeeper spams the bejesus out of our website and keeps targeting our AdSense ads. One time they even took a screenshot of a portion of our site and photoshopped it so the banner ad appeared to be a direct recommendation from us.

    “Somebody uses our referral links for getting free license of MacKeeper. We have seen the problem and now we are working on solving it.”

    Okay the simple solution is to CLOSE YOUR REFERRAL PROGRAM and market your software the traditional way.

  40. This is one of the worst experiences I ever had with software. I tried the “free” version which grey-screened me and immediately slowed down my computer. Then they try to sell you the pay version to fix the problem. I emailed their support and got no response. Now I’m stuck with a Macbook in super slow mode and lots of desktop functions not working, even the cursor unless I hit the arrows. I tried to Uninstall MacKeeper and even that does not work. Now what do I do?

    1. Can someone with the knowledge please post how to do a proper uninstall of this product..Thanks

  41. I tried the PC version (PCkeeper) and the Mac version (MacKeeper), and it pretty much rendered Windows XP useless. I was able to remove the MAC version at least, thank god macs are resilient to this type of crap, but I head to trash my whole WinXP Virtual MAchine due to PCkeeper. Bottom line, the Mac doesn’t really need this type of crap.

  42. As a customer, I find the product horrifying (it recommended I delete half of my Applications folder! I feel bad for those who clicked “clean my computer…”). I’m very grateful to have stumbled upon the warnings of others. Thank you.

    As a developer, I shake my finger at Zeobit/MacKeeper for their perceived lack of integrity. Free software normally barely breaks even with website costs (such as my own free software), and when I came across their in-your-face marketing and sales tactics I immediately saw red flags. Today’s software world doesn’t encourage that; the Windows-style anti-virus/anti-spam worlds are the only ones who do. (Which, by the way, I haven’t looked back since I left these harassments in the Windows world…)

    Keep your money and heed the warnings of others. I’m glad I did.

    Mark H
    Author, MovieFinder

  43. I wish I had found this site earlier! THis program took out all my programs including my system preferences! and email with family friends and business addresses. Little vermin of a program. Someone needs to make a program to take out them!

    1. nope, still here =)

      in fact, I just don’t want to be accused in saying the same things….But what can I do if I see the same complains?

      After having read all these comments the only feeling you can have is MacKeeper’s really not good. The only thing most of you, guys, do – panic! What if it can…( follow with how you think it can harm you) But what MacKeeper really does – cares about Macs. It’s short version is in the Mac App Store. Don’t you think it proves MacKeeper is at least legit?

      Of course ‘We are not perfect’ (c)
      I would also like to live in the perfect world where everything is extremely clear – but if it’s not – why not to ask us directly? MacKeeper has 24/7 customer support so you can contact us via email, phone, or use life chat. And we Will tell you how to uninstall the app if its what you want. It’s enough to quit the app and drag&drop it to the trash – but if you need a tutorial you can find it at our official website ( There are manuals describing how to use All the tools the app offers – paying attention to them will prevent nearly all the problems you may have. (

      I wish you to be more objective , but I guess it’s human nature to cry ‘crap’ and then spend precious time creating mile-long posts describing how crapy smth is! Positive reviews we receive daily are shorter than the posts above and mostly look like ‘thanks!’ ‘or ‘love u’ =)

      Critics is always a plus, but would you please be more specific? We would highly appreciate your help in improving the app as that’s what we want – to make our customers happy owners of fast, free-of junk and secure Macs.

      Regards, Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC PR Manager

  44. You just gotta admire “Sana Paul” and all the other dicks at ZeoBit.

    They create an infectious piece of crap program, grab moola from dupes, infect machines with endless pop-ups AND THEN keep showing up on forums like these to explain it was all just a bitty programming hiccup. Be fixed soon dudes – just keep the money flowing!

    They need an award. Maybe from Apple, who somehow seem to be involved.

  45. Thanks to all of you my Mac is safe… I was about to download and a review search saved me the day and year… thanks guys and gals…

  46. I have been using the latest version and I I am having none of the issues mentioned in this thread…..MBP….it cleaned my MBPRO which now runs speedier that ever…so far anyway.

    So I am finding it very weird reading all these silly flames! IMO it works as described…sometimes forumites feed of flaming things. Don’t bother with it. Just move on!

  47. Yes this app seems fishy to me. I also dislike that I am seeing ads for it on every other site. This is pollution.

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