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Wow, 2013 is just about done and you know what that means: Year End Posts! That’s right, with the year winding down it’s time to look back and remember where we were in the past 365 ¼ days. To start this week in review off with a bang, we’re going to look back at some of the posts that you loved the most on Apple Gazette in 2013.

There were some pretty interesting posts and articles covering everything from iOS goodies like the fonts that Apple uses and who Siri really is, to what Apple’s new corporate campus will look like. With new products launched and old ones updated, 2013 was a big year for Apple Gazette and an even bigger one for Apple. So sit back and relax, and check out the most popular posts from Apple Gazette in 2013.

1. The Fonts Apple Uses


This was by far the most popular post this year on Apple Gazette. Font is something that is often overlooked when talking about Apple’s design. From physical keyboards to advertisements, to everything in iOS 7, the Fonts that Apple uses is definitely a hot topic. Oh, and in case you really want to use the iOS 7 font, it’s Helvetica Neue Ultra Thin.

2. Inside Apple HQ

posts of 2013

Known to many as The Mothership, Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California has always been a hot topic for the loyal followers of Apple, This post went in to all the gritty details of the Mecca that is Apple HQ, including over 100 pictures of everything from the atrium to the massive hallways, and you even got a peek into some of Apple’s famously hard to access labs.

If you want to see where all the magic happens at Apple, this is definitely a post you want to check out, especially if you missed it when we posted it.

3. 3D Cities in Apple Maps

year end

Back in 2012 Apple replaced Google Maps with their own proprietary mapping system. From the start Apple’s map application was stricken with issues ranging from incorrect directions to distorted 3D views.

These issues were all resolved and the 3D city view feature became a beautifully useful aspect of iOS. With more than 60 completely 3D views of major cities like Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, and a massive list of US cities, everyone seemed to love looking for their favorite city in this list.

4. 10 things you don’t know your iPhone can do


From turning autocorrect off to your own keyboard shortcuts, one of the most popular iPhone posts this year was all about learning things your iPhone can do that you probably missed when reading the 284 page manual. (You did read it, right?) One of the most useful bits of information in this article was how to get Siri to use punctuation when dictating an email or text. Speaking of Siri speaking, there’s a person behind that voice.

5. The Voice of Siri

year end voice of siri

Up until iOS 7 launched, the voice of Apple’s virtual assistant had a real face. This popular article was all about spilling the beans on the person behind those helpful voice commands and letting you hear from her without even having to ask a question!

As it turns out, Susan Bennett, an accomplished voice actress voiced the original Siri. There are people behind the current male and female versions of Siri in iOS 7, but you’ll have to check the article out with the link above to find out more.

6. Making iTunes Not Suck


Technically this isn’t so much about iOS, but iTunes is an integral part to iTunes so it made the cut. iTunes has made some pretty huge strides since it was launched, building up to where it is today as a complete media center and iOS syncing application.

All that development has left some room for improvement however, and thanks to some pretty interesting and useful apps that work with iTunes to give you that extra help you need to make iTunes better.

7. Classic Computer Games on iOS

year end games

Who doesn’t love a good classic video game? With titles like Doom, Driver, Duke Nukem 3D, and Final Fantasy, it’s obvious that we’re very nostalgic for games of the past.

This popular post lists 30 classic computer games that you can play right now on the iPhone and iPad. Classic games are here to stay, so you might as well check out some that you should be playing right now.

8. Fixing iOS 7 Annoyances

posts of 2013 ios

With the launch of iOS 7 came a bevy of new features but as with any major upgrade came some headaches as well. The new notification center is definitely useful but there are some not so friendly features hidden that when turned off can really make the phone more useful.

Hate automatic updates? This post shows you how to disable them once and for all as well. If you’re stuck wanting more out of iOS 7 and haven’t checked this post out yet, you really should.

9. Apps That Pay You


Who doesn’t like being rewarded just for using an iPhone app? This popular post talked all about earning cash, gift cards, and other perks just for performing simple tasks like shopping or taking surveys.

Check out all the ways you can earn money and rewards while playing on your iPhone and you can be like the other readers that did the same.

10. Examples of Flat Design

best of 2013 flat design

With the launch of iOS 7 came application upgrades to match the flat design of the new OS. With an overall feel that is unlike anything in the real world, flat design took the app world by storm with iOS 7.

This post showcases some great examples of flat design and by the popularity of this one, it looks like everyone is digging the flat design.


2013 was a pretty great year for Apple, with iOS, new iPhones, and new computers Apple didn’t disappoint in the least. With all that newness floating around it’s no wonder we had a pretty busy year, too. There were some other great posts this past year, but some weren’t up long enough to get real traction.

Did you have a favorite post this year that we didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments below so everyone gets the chance to see the best posts available.

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