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How to Add Lyrics to a Video Online for Free

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Adding lyrics to a video can enable your audience to understand better and appreciate the video’s content. But, as beneficial as lyrics are, there is a misconception that producing lyric videos is hard when all you really need is the right platform. 

Fortunately, you will be excited to know that with Doratoon, adding lyrics to a video is a walk in the park. Are you wondering how and why? Well, this article has all the answers. 

Doratoon – A Top-Class Video Creator to Easily Add Lyrics

Doratoon is a dedicated online-based video-making tool with outstanding features to generate top-quality lyric videos for free. The tool has a rich collection of templates to select from and you don’t require any technical skills to use it. 


These are the features supporting Doratoon’s efficiency in adding lyrics to videos:

  • Subtitles: Doratoon’s subtitle feature allows you to type in and add your lyrics to any media. It then enables you to easily synchronize your subtitles to the audio so the text is timed correctly. Furthermore, the tool can also translate lyrics to any preferred language.
  • Font customization: Spice up the font to create a truly stunning lyric video and select various font types, sizes, and styles. These customization options help add a captivating appeal to your lyrics video.
  • Multiple templates: An expansive collection of rich templates ensures you never run out of ideas on how to design your lyric videos. These templates also include video backgrounds and effects to help save time and simplify the creation process.
  • Drag and drop: This makes adding media to your project incredibly easier while reducing the process of adding lyrics to a few clicks of a button.
  • Various exporting formats: You can export your lyric videos in several media formats, such as MP4, MKV, and WebM. This function means you can create lyric videos for multiple platforms that accept different video formats. You will not need separate software to change the video formats.
  • Supports multiple browsers: While it is an online tool, Doratoon does not limit you to using it on a single web browser. It is compatible with multiple browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.

Steps to add lyrics via Doratoon

  1. Go to the Doratoon website, sign up for an account, and click Create to start making your lyric video.
  2. Select your preferred background template or drag and drop any videos, audio, or photos you want in your lyric video.
  3. Click on Text to add the lyrics, then click the Edit button to switch the color, font, and more.
  4. Click Export when you are done to download or share the lyric video. 

Why You Should Use Doratoon to Add Lyrics

Doratoon is the best lyric video maker, and using it has numerous benefits. These include:

  • No need for technical video editing skills

This tool offers a simple user experience to make it suitable for all users. You can still easily access and navigate this software even if you are non-tech-savvy or have no technical video editing skills. 

  • Advanced editing features

Despite the simple interface, this software has advanced features and capabilities. You can leverage these functions to develop high-quality and professional lyric videos.

  • Various video presentation formats

You can select between a horizontal and a vertical video presentation format. This ensures that you can customize your lyric video to the exact preferences of the target audience.

  • Speed

This software combines effectiveness with speed. It is fast and the ideal choice when you are in a hurry to get the job done.

  • Easy sharing

Doratoon enables you to share your lyric video to other platforms like Youtube or social media without leaving the page. Once you export your video, you can instantly share or post it in your preferred format.

Tips for Adding Lyrics to a Video

Below are some tips to help when creating your lyric video:

  • The font should contrast the background.

Your text should be visible in the video and should always contrast the background. If the font color of your lyrics is similar to the background, it becomes unreadable and may make it useless. You can change the font color to suit the environment when it changes. Alternatively, create a solid and unchanging background for the lyrics throughout the entire video.

  • Sync your audio and lyrics

The last thing you want is the lyrics to be out of sync with the audio on your video. When creating your lyric video, ensure each word is well timed and doesn’t pop up before or after the corresponding audio. You should also ensure you have the correct lyrics word for word.

  • Consider the media

You need to consider the media you will release or show your video on. For example, you need to ensure you have a suitable video format. You should also create your video with the correct aspect or crop ratio to make it fit in the desired frame. For example, Youtube has a crop ratio of 16:9. 

  • Brainstorm ideas beforehand

It always helps to be prepared, so brainstorm some ideas before creating your lyric video. If you are making the video from scratch, try to identify possible background images. If you are using a template, consider which kind would correspond to your video. Brainstorming can help you develop multiple ideas to compare and pick the best.


Lyric videos can help to propel your content which is why the right video creator is crucial. The correct tool can enable you to get all the elements of a lyric video. Fortunately, this article has introduced you to a perfect tool, Doratoon, and shown you how to use it. This software will make creating lyric videos more fun, easier and faster. That said, try it today!


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