Get Credit for songs already purchased when you buy an album in iTunes?

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According to this Infinite Loop article, we might finally start seeing some credit issued for tracks already purchased when we buy an album in the iTunes store.

The lack of this feature is one of my biggest complaints about iTunes. It doesn’t seem fair to have to pay for the song twice when you’re only downloading it once. If a track is good and leads you to buying the rest of the album, you should get at least store credit for that purchase…maybe even a partial credit…but SOMETHING

Here’s an excpert from the article:

While this isn’t quite as open as the “receive credit whenever you buy the album” theory, “within a certain period of time” is still somewhat good. Right now, if a user buys certain songs individually but decides to buy the album later, they have to pay for those individual songs twice.

Theoretically, this means that if you bought two songs at 99 cents a pop from an album and then later decide to pick up the whole thing (within Apple’s currently-unspecified time frame) that’s normally priced at $9.99, the album would actually end up costing you $8.01.

This seems like a good way to implement this concept to me. Although, it will ultimately depend on just how long that “unspecified time frame” is before I’ll make a call on if this is fair or not…but I have to say, I have very little complaints about the content I’ve purchased from the Apple store…digital rights and all.

What about you?

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2 thoughts on “Get Credit for songs already purchased when you buy an album in iTunes?

  1. Well, yes. But suppose I by a CD single and the decide to buy the full release when it becomes available? It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to account for, but you never know. Let’s hope someone reads this and bumps it up the chain.

  2. I puchased several single from itunes and when the album came out I was not able to received a deal on several albums for instance Kanye West, 50 cents. I think that this is a rip off and I will never purchase a single again I will wait until the full ablum is released. I think that this is just another way to rip people off and it’s unfair.

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