Meet the $1,500 Titanium iPhone Case: Advent

titanium iphone case

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From sleek marble to retro design to not-so-pretty, we’ve shared quite a bunch of iPhone cases with you. They come in all shapes – and price range.

This $1500 Titanium iPhone case is something else, though.

Out of this world may even be an apt description, for the material used is aerospace-grade 5 Titanium. You know, the kind that goes to…space.

It’s also used for F1 cars, by the way, so that’s saying something, too.

Called Advent, this $1500 Titanium iPhone case “is two-and-a-half times stronger than stainless steel but only half its weight. Inheriting the properties of titanium, your phone is safe from scratches and bending.”

No danger of #BendGate here, I guess.

But one look at Advent makes me cringe.

1500 titanium iphone case

My cringing aside, there is no doubt that Advent will protect your iPhone. Aside from the Titanium, it also has another feature that will pamper your phone: a rubber housing that is “impact resistant and serves as an excellent shock absorbent between the titanium bumper and your phone, and this ensures that your phone is undamaged from high drops”.

However, this description makes me raise my eyebrows:

The mechanically sculpted surface brings a seductive texture not replicable by any handwork and adds a superior and unique dimension to the case.

Seductive? Really?

It reminds me more of the monolith in A Space Odyssey, to be honest.

Why would I pay more than a thousand dollars for Titanium? Heck, I’ve got three clips inside me thanks to surgery. 😉

So what do you think of this high-tech case?

Oh, in case you want to see and know more, here’s the website.

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