The 90s iPhone Case May Deter Theft, Too Bad It’s Supposedly Horrible

90s iPhone case

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90s iPhone case

How many stories have you heard about iPhones being stolen? I’ve had my own experience, and it was horrible, more so because we actually saw the signs of pickpockets in our vicinity, and yet the “unthinkable” still happened. The result: a month-old iPhone 5 was stolen right under our noses.

If you’re hellbent on NOT losing your iPhone, then here’s an option for you: the 90s iPhone case.

As you can see from the image, it takes on the retro look of a flip phone, something that no decent thief would probably want these days.

That’s the upside. Maybe the only one.

Let’s say you don’t mind the looks – that’s what you’re after in any case (to avoid temptation).

Selling for $16.46 on Amazon, the 90s iPhone case is only compatible with the iPhone 4. That means you’re out of luck if you have another model and want a fliptop case.

Looking deeper, the customer reviews are horrible. 1 star out of 5.

To quote some reviews:

“One light fall, from about 2 feet, and the microphone located where the phone goes to your ear broke off, ruining the case. The back case to slide the phone into the case is always loose, falling off at random times.”

“Mine broke on the first day and it is bigger than 3x the phone size. It also comes in a package that looks like something from a sports bar.”

“Didnt say anywhere that it was the size of an old persons tv remote. By far worst buy I’ve ever made”

To be fair, those three reviews are all there are. That means the 90s iPhone case is not that popular in the first place. I suppose that no one really wants to go as far as get a case that totally takes away from the iPhone’s beauty just to deter theft.

Pro tip: Just keep your phone safe inside your bag AND don’t take it out when you’re in a crowd, especially when in a potentially unsafe area.

Here’s something else that can help you: How to Keep Your iPhone from Being Stolen.

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