ToneFone iPhone Case Might Be the World’s Ugliest Case

I don’t want to be mean, but this is just ridiculous. When I first saw the ToneFone iPhone case, my reaction was, “What the h#ll?”


What did I tell you?

In all fairness, I don’t think the designers of the ToneFone iPhone case were thinking of beauty – of the the iPhone, that is. Instead, they were focused on suckers people who want the perfect body without having to really work for it. Read the product description, seriously!

How many times, when leaving work, have you thought “I’ll definitely go to the gym tonight!” and then by the time you get home you can’t be bothered anymore; you feel tired and without energy?

Mexican dinner and Grey’s Anatomy feel all of a sudden the only alternative for the evening. And you go with it. Put some comfy clothes on, turn the telly on and…your phone rings. You pick it up, reply, you pick it up, reply, you pick it up…

Wait a second… Imagine your phone was a dumbbell, you’d be working out now!

Okay, I’ll have to admit the first part of that description could have been talking about me. Well, fine, maybe even the last sentence, but why would I want to pay GBP22.90 (that’s $37.81) for an iPhone case that cancels out everything that is beautiful about my phone? (Although it’s weighted so you can work out with out and risk destroying your phone!)

Then again, if they can give me the guarantee that I’ll have that model’s bod if I use the ToneFone iPhone case…

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